Silence Weekend

40 hours of Silence
Weekend: July 26 to July 28, 2013
Units 10 & 11/ 9 – 13 Hutton Road, The Entrance North

Arrival: Friday, July 26…after 4 pm
Dinner (provided): 7 pm
Getting to know everybody & introduction to the Silence and Mindfulness
Friday, July 26 – 10 pm to Sunday, July 28 – 2 pm
Healthy Breakfast and Dinner provided (8 am/7 pm)
Bring Lunch or Snack of your choice
Silence is in the Being or Doing – Awareness is the key
The preparation of a sandwich – in present-moment awareness is as important and transformational as sitting in meditation;
walking slowly and mindfully along the beach;
painting, drawing, reading or writing …

On Sunday, we break the silence after lunch and share our experiences, insights and inspirations.

Entire experience – $ 250 p.p.
Twin-share accommodation (2 KS, 2 x QS, 2 x DB, 2 SB), sleeps 12
Beautiful brand-new apartments on the beach