interesting week

I went to Sydney for a few days, busy cleaning, doing Josef’s bookwork, entertaining…then my doctor called Josef from his holiday spot, urging him to talk sense into me. He claimed that the enlarged organs (spleen and liver) are cancerous and it was time to take that seriously and start chemo.

Josef naturally was getting worried, so did friends whom he talked to and all urged me to at least see an oncologist and get an opinion. They even researched alternative oncologists to make my decision easier.

At some point even I started to doubt. Was I just stubborn? or kidding myself? or was my ego telling me that I can do it instead of surrender to the sensible solution?

The more I doubted, I started to worry and the more I worried, the more my symptoms got worse, my chest started hurting again etc.

I realized I had to snap out of that. I went back to the Entrance, into my meditation and food regime…and guess what, all symptoms disappeared again.

I kept watching these videos from people who did the same Dr. Joe Dispenza meditation and retreat – and it helped so much. I learned again to trust in myself and my inner voice. All is well.




Yuval Noah Harari

Have you heard of YN Harari, the author of Homo Deus, Sapiens, lecturer, author (sold 12 Mio copies, translated into 45 languages), speaker, creative thinker, history professor in Jerusalem etc…anyway I was impressed how anyone can fit all that into one life, until I heard that he spends 60 days a year in Vipassana meditation!!!!

As you may remember, I spent 10 days in the Blue Mountains in a Vipassana silence & meditation retreat and can’t imagine 2 months! Listen to his reasons and the philosophy behind:


Wim Hof and the Lymphatic System

Wim Hof says all illness is linked to inflammation – and his breathing and cold water practices can remedy this. I am putting it to the test. In this brilliant interview (that even Joe loved!) he explains how and why his method has such an impact on health, the endocrine system, the lymphatic system, the cardio-vascular system and also changes the ph levels to alkaline etc. Check it out here:


The Holidays are Over

Have you also found you eat and drink too much, have a lot of fun with friends, but somehow neglected yourself? Well, that was me. I enjoyed every minute with many friends and family visiting, loved the food and the wonderful wine and champagne.

I saw my belly grow and found it harder to sleep at night, the pressure on my chest was getting worse. Two days ago, it reached a point where I said ‘stop!’ to myself and have been detoxing. For me that meant not eating until 2 pm (just drinking a coffee and lots of water), then enjoying a simple salad (yesterday it was a kale, avocado, pistachio, lemon salad) and in the evening a piece of fish and some veggies. That helped drop 3 kilos and about 5cm around my waist. I now sleep much better, can lie in any position without pain and feel a lot more energetic.

Another interesting encounter was with my lovely and very concerned GP (who was turned into my oncologist against his will) whom I happened to see on Friday night. He said he’d have to talk to me urgently. Having met with his friend who happens to be the Nr 1 oncologist in Australia, he got all the stats and info for me regarding a way forward.

There is apparently no¬† way to administer immunotherapy (the one I was very interested in, as it just strengthens the immune system) without doing a chemotherapy beforehand! When I told him that a chemo was totally out of the question for me, he looked even more concerned and urged me to see him soon. When I suggested end of January, he thought Monday or Tuesday this week would be best. Well, I am back up at the Entrance and don’t think I’ll be in Sydney again soon.

Going into a cocoon of meditation, juicing, jogging, swimming and not answering the phone for a while, was my preferred answer …I’ll let you know how that went next time!

Take time for yourselves, love yourselves enough!


My meditation teacher

I have been following Dr. Joe for many years now, but it wasn’t until I bought all his online courses, downloaded his meditations and consistently meditate at least one hour a day, that I feel transformation is attainable. There is another one-week intensive in Australia in April 2019 and I will be there…unless I am again too late, as the course books out within a few hours or days. If you haven’t heard him yet, he is worth listening to – although it’s a long youtube clip.

A lesson I’ve learnt this week

I’ve read Anita Moorjani’s book, ‘Dying to be me’ well before I was diagnosed with the same cancer as Anita, so somehow I didn’t pay that much attention to her message then.

Now when listening to her, I can relate so well, especially about what had caused the cancer. It’s that message of living your life fearlessly, of stopping to be a people-pleaser and constantly fearful of rejection, illness, of not having enough money etc.

She says in the video that cancer gave her permission to receive, to give to herself first. It was a totally new concept to her. I think many women can relate to that – and hopefully don’t need to get cancer to learn that lesson.

Even if you only watch a small part of her long speech, it’s worth it!