About me

I’m Barbara Hoi – and the main reason for creating ‘Hoi by the Sea’ – is really to narrow and focus my many interests into one spot.

When I saw a marketing guru and he advised us to be only an inch wide, and a mile deep, I realised that I am a mile wide:

My interests and professions range from Art / Autism / Books / Children / Dyslexia / Education / Facilitation / Gratitude / Healthy Cooking / Inspiring people / Love / Music / Nature / Painting / Reading / Spirituality / Writing a book …Zen.

…you get the drift. Not a good business or personal model.

By creating HOI BY THE SEA, I am aiming to provide a space for others to open their own creativity, find their own true potential and become a MIDWIFE  for other PEOPLE’S DREAMS….and so fulfilling my own.

You can contact me via Email: hoi.barbara1@gmail.com

Mobile: 0402 686 32785cb8059e3ddacea4e04b2a654f0bb87

or check out a spot for a weekend from: www.hoibythesea.com


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