Second Healing Week

I thought I share just some snippets from the Healing week we experienced three weeks ago; a huge success. There was physical healing (the leg of a 84-year old healed to a great degree, which hadn’t happened in the months since a skin cancer had been cut out), lots of energy and laughs, good food, meditation, yoga, energy healing, sauna, exercise and emotional releases.

I love these weeks and can’t wait to have the next one, hopefully one more trial run this year, before it starts to open to the ‘public’ in 2018. I’m hoping to be able to relieve a lot of suffering and fear of cancer patients – but also any disease that may stop people from living their lives fully.





A Cookbook

I have finally decided to write my own cookbook. It has been on my mind for a while and the concept has become clearer. It will be a simple, but also practical guide to yummy and healthy eating without breaking the bank.

I envision the best medicinal herbs and spices I have discovered on my journey to health to add to the culinary alchemist’s approach of treating food as medicine; I’m aiming to create feasts for taste buds as well as visually stunning pictures to inspire mindful cooking; I want to encourage more quality and less quantity – with zero waste and seasonal fresh produce; and most of all I hope to foster a love of cooking, preparing and designing food and to add one’s own creative force.

If you have any ideas or inclusions, please let me know! It can be a collaboration of like-minded souls.