Bemer Presentation

I have found this video to be the most comprehensive explanation on how to improve the vasomotion, its benefits and many before-after pictures at the end. Having tried it myself for 6 weeks now and having seen the changes that already occur for some people after a few sessions, I am totally blown away. Some of these improvements include:

  • my mum’s varicose veins were almost gone (instead of thick ropes, just flat smaller lines);
  • all my relatives who bought one tell me how their vitality improved and hurts & pains heal much quicker;
  • the healing of a friend’s fractured finger (after 4 sessions on the Bemer) was a source of great surprise to his nurse and doctor;
  • the deep wounds in an elderly man’s leg reduced visibly and took the inflammation away;
  • a young girl’s constipation was ‘unblocked’ after only two Bemer sessions…


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