Light to cure cancer

There are so many really exciting scientific articles out there, but unfortunately a paper titled “Emission of Mitochondrial Biophotons and their Effect on Electrical Activity of Membrane via Microtubules” will go unnoticed by most of us ‘novices’. 

The entire article ( is highly interesting and I’m trying to sum it up very briefly:

A German lab has finally come to prove the presence and huge importance of the photons (tiny light particles) present in every one of our cells, including the cells of our animals. These photons are called biophotons and enable not only our cell-to-cell communication, but also the non-physical communication with each other via this biophotonic field. It keeps our organism healthy, alive and vibrating.

Now when it comes to cancer, then unfortunately the coherence of that energetic exchange got blocked…Scrambled information – cancer/tumours.

The good news: meditation, chi, prana, any form of light work that can restore that divine geometry or coherence will also contribute to a natural way of eliminating cancer.

What yogis and chi masters have known for centuries has now come a small step closer to comprehension – yet how this really works still remains a mystery.

It also makes me think of the job that the BEMER  ( does in this respect, enabling oxygen, light and enzymes reaching every cell in our body and restoring balance.


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