Blood test results

It has been six months since my last blood tests, so I concluded that my GP was right to request another one to see if I’m really as well as I feel.

On Easter-Monday evening he called me back to give me the news. Not good timing, as contrary to my relaxed attitude towards my cancer, I felt some anxiety rising up. ‘Is everything ok, Ray?’. I mean he is a friend, but still, I wouldn’t have expected an evening phone call on a holiday.

‘Well, Barbara, as everything, it’s a mixed result… your inflammation levels are down (they were rather high in October last year – CRP 11.8, when it should be 0.0 – 5.0 and this time they were 8.6. Ok, not ideal yet, but the trend is a good one), there doesn’t seem to be any mercury left in the body (yeah!!!) and all other levels are within normal ranges, but the platelets are low (131, while 150-450 is the range) and the Lymphocytes are high (4.49, while 1.0-4.0 are seen as the norm). ‘

I requested a copy and when I asked Dr. Google to explain, I found that platelets are the clotting agents of the blood and unless they are really low, it’s not a concern. I asked Dr. Google what would be a reason for the low count, and guess what: Quinine, as in Tonic Water (so I guess, no more G&Ts) lowers the platelet count.

When Dr. Google explained about lymphocytes, there was firstly a different range, it went to 4.8 on the high norm (and I’m well below that with 4.49) and it continued to explain that a low lymphocyte count would be far more dangerous, as you’d get infections easily and don’t have a strong lymphatic system to fight it. Lymphocytes make up 20 – 40 % of all our white blood cells. White blood cells help eliminate the body of toxins, dead cells and broken down cancer cells. I need them!

It reinforced again, that our body knows exactly what to do and I’m in awe of this amazing and intricate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual structure.


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