I need You …

…if you have cancer, had cancer or another serious disease – or know anybody else who has.

Imagine sitting at your doctor’s office and he tells you that he has bad news: ‘You have got cancer’. He looks at you with sad and serious eyes and the clock in his surgery seems to stop together with your heart beat. All of a sudden you hear his voice from a distance and hardly hear or remember a word he says. Every question after that seems tense and the anticipation of his answer feels like you’re awaiting a judge’s verdict: Which cancer? How serious? Why? What causes this? (‘Nobody knows for sure’ is the most common answer, followed by ‘bad luck or bad genes’?) What is my diagnosis or expected outcome? Will I live? How long?

Usually this initial visit initiates more follow-up visits after more CT-scans, tests, biopsies and visits with your new oncologist. The verdict may be better or worse than mine – but in the majority of cases the verdict you hear will come under one or more of these three categories: surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy.

For my non-Hodgkin’s Stage 3 lymphoma, there was only one option: chemotherapy (or the new version: immuno-therapy). Lucky, because Lymphoma is apparently the easiest one to eliminate ‘short term, at least’, but not so lucky as it’s incurable. (said my oncologist)

Some of you have read my blogs about the journey that followed and the excitement after refusing chemotherapy and the subsequent enrichment of my life on every level, by finding all the reasons for having cancer in the first place and taking responsibility for my own healing. My life has been a very steep learning curve and you may have read about the life transforming ten days of silent meditation (Vipassana), followed by an equally profound ten days in Bali in February-March, where much of my healing took place – and I felt a strong calling to help others with cancer to experience the same possibilities:

Next year I would like to offer the penthouse at the Entrance for this purpose, either for cancer patients to help them on their healing journey or after a therapy to detox and regain their strength and heal their bodies, emotions and souls.

In the meantime, the place will get transformed too, a meditation area will get built by covering part of the upstairs terrace, creating an oasis with plants, buddhas and meditation cushions and massage beds. The entire indoor upstairs studio will become a healing hub. I am getting a BEMER (not a BMW!), which stands for Bio Eletro-magnetic Energy Resonance. It’s a mat and a computer, designed in Germany and Switzerland, which had an amazing affect on me – and I have already blogged about.

The infrared Sauna will be delivered this week and other devices and therapies will be on offer.

NOW HERE COMES MY REQUEST: I would also like to trial this unique program during three weeks (actually 5 days) in 2017 to get feedback and testimonials:

Week 1: July 24 – 28, 2017 …This week will focus on detoxification, guided meditation, organic healthy food (and cooking it), emotional therapy, BEMER and other therapies, exercise, yoga, etc.

Week 2: August 21 – 25, 2017 …The second week will be similar, but will take all the recommendations and ideas for improvement from Week 1 – and go deeper into meditation and preparation for fasting

Week 3: September 4 – 8, 2017 …Juice fasting and most of the program from before (but NO food). I have a slow juicer and there will be special organic juices to help support the body when fasting.

All three weeks would be ideal for a cancer patient to progressively improve and strengthen their immune system, eliminate toxins and help their supplements to reach their destination in their bodies, aiding the healing process. Yet for these trial runs, one or two weeks are perfectly fine too. These three weeks are not claiming a cure for cancer – but they will give every participant the best food (lots of research and a ‘Food as Medicine’ Uni course later), the latest technology (that is not toxic or invasive), physical and emotional therapies (like EFT) and not just my support, but that of the other participants and therapists.

I am offering this program at half-price to cover costs. Please contact me on ‘hoi.barbara1@gmail.com’ or 0402686327 if you would like more information or pass it on to somebody who might be interested. I really appreciate your help!


Blood test results

It has been six months since my last blood tests, so I concluded that my GP was right to request another one to see if I’m really as well as I feel.

On Easter-Monday evening he called me back to give me the news. Not good timing, as contrary to my relaxed attitude towards my cancer, I felt some anxiety rising up. ‘Is everything ok, Ray?’. I mean he is a friend, but still, I wouldn’t have expected an evening phone call on a holiday.

‘Well, Barbara, as everything, it’s a mixed result… your inflammation levels are down (they were rather high in October last year – CRP 11.8, when it should be 0.0 – 5.0 and this time they were 8.6. Ok, not ideal yet, but the trend is a good one), there doesn’t seem to be any mercury left in the body (yeah!!!) and all other levels are within normal ranges, but the platelets are low (131, while 150-450 is the range) and the Lymphocytes are high (4.49, while 1.0-4.0 are seen as the norm). ‘

I requested a copy and when I asked Dr. Google to explain, I found that platelets are the clotting agents of the blood and unless they are really low, it’s not a concern. I asked Dr. Google what would be a reason for the low count, and guess what: Quinine, as in Tonic Water (so I guess, no more G&Ts) lowers the platelet count.

When Dr. Google explained about lymphocytes, there was firstly a different range, it went to 4.8 on the high norm (and I’m well below that with 4.49) and it continued to explain that a low lymphocyte count would be far more dangerous, as you’d get infections easily and don’t have a strong lymphatic system to fight it. Lymphocytes make up 20 – 40 % of all our white blood cells. White blood cells help eliminate the body of toxins, dead cells and broken down cancer cells. I need them!

It reinforced again, that our body knows exactly what to do and I’m in awe of this amazing and intricate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual structure.

Ketogenic Diet

I have been looking into refining my diet, just to realize that I have already been following the Ketogenic Diet with small variations.

Far from being limited to help improve the immune system that takes care of elimiting my cancer, the Ketogenic Diet helps lose weight and improves a big variety of diseases and difficulties, that are often experienced by my dyslexic and autistic clients: hyperactivity, brain fog, inability to focus, epilepsy (for autism mainly), leaky gut syndrome. To put it simply: It’s good for almost anyone!

To see the large list of ‘diseases’ its beneficial for, click on the link below:


and to get the details of the foods to eat, click here:


However, I have found that I am a bit stricter still, as I limit the meat intake considerably (as meat becomes acidic in the body and I’ll try to keep an alkaline environment to eliminate cancer); I limit my dairy intake to butter and cheese (occasionally), but avoid milk, which is one aspect I also recommend to my clients, too, as it is quite easy to substitute for a good quality almond milk or coconut milk and coconut yoghurt.

I avoid gluten, but looking at the list of foods, I can’t see bread or pasta anywhere, so it looks like the Kitogenic diet is also gluten-free.