How to Starve Cancer

When I returned from Bali, Josef showed me an article that had appeared in the Daily Telegraph on March 7. It was titled ‘How to starve cancer’ and started off telling the reader that cancer cells can be killed off by starving them to death, through fasting. That has been known to most religions and alternative practitioners for centuries, but apparently that had surprised scientists. What surprised me was that they would admit it officially, when you cannot profit from it or patent it!

My surprise was short-lived, as the article continued to elaborate on the fact that Sydney scientists under Prof. Holst are developing a ground-breaking drug which will replace the need to fast. The scientists explain what we all know: cancer cells are using glutamine (sugar) to fuel their growth, getting addicted to it. Without glutmine these cells die, while normal cells won’t be affected as they depend on nutrients for survival. Now that new drug stops cancer cells from being able to take in these glucose/sugar fix by blocking the pump on the cell’s surface, where the glutamine normally enters. “It’s like putting tape over its mouth” said the Professor. The good news includes the idea that it can also be used in conjunction with other drugs like chemo-therapies to enhance its effect.

We will have to wait a further three years for the clinical trials Рso maybe start a fast in between. I loved mine and was surprised how easy it was, especially since I started with small steps by adding two Gerson-style juices, prepared in slower juicer with lots of nutrients still alive: organic carrots & turmeric juice at 9 am and organic carrot, apple and ginger juice at lunch time).  Otherwise I had about 2 liters of purified water and occasionally I went wild and drank the water from young coconuts that were harvested right on the property in Bali where I stayed for the 10 days. I can highly recommend this!


Bali Part 2

I have returned from Bali yesterday – what a life-changing experience that had been. Only venturing out of Villa Boreh (the healing resort I had unwittingly stumbled into) once, on the last day, when I driver took 8 hours to take me back to Denpasar over the mountains (it usually is a 3-hour track, and a hair-raising one at that) via Ubud for shopping…and when I saw the madness and destruction of the beautiful Bali I had seen 30 years ago, I was glad I had stayed put at the north coast all those 9 days.

Even at Villa Boreh I contacted a ugly-looking body rash when swimming in the ocean once. It had rained and dirty water from the dirty rivers had polluted it. The good ‘Dr. Malte’ (the German owner/architect turned medical science nut) had the right tincture for that and many very unusual latest tech gadgets to speed up the detoxification process, increase the oxygen supply to my cells and make my fasting even better with special herbs. Many of these things I had never even heard about, one of them being ‘Germanium’ (Ge132), an absolutely amazing white powder worth more than gold and not available at all is most western countries including Australia. Maybe it worked too well? The Organic Germanium I bought comes from Japan and reading up on its amazing detoxifying abilities, especially in connection with Mercury or Cadmium poisoning, I am very excited about it. I’m now also taking a very pure form of co-enzyme Q10, which had a great effect on me so far. I did a lot of research on it while in Bali and started my book.

The other German-Swiss technology I was lucky to experience was the Bemer. I felt its effect immediately in my body. Watch the long and the short of Bemer’s microvascular effect and see for yourself:

My Fasting in Bali

Sitting by the pool, unfortunately with laptop, as I started writing my book about living joyfully with or without Cancer, sidetracked me to send this blog. I cannot believe how I stumbled onto this resort of all the places! Villa Boreh is not the holiday retreat and spa resort it is advertised to be! It is a healing place – and as the German architect who owns it wasn’t allowed to run it as such, it became a holiday spot. But there is a lab that tested my blood (all average readings, nothing is elevated or would indicate the presence of cancer), analyzed my blood life under the microscope (no impurities, macrophages or abnormalities), measured BMI and all body compositions, blood pressure (even that wasn’t as low as usualy: 80/120) and they are putting together a health plan for me:

I am getting a juice twice a day: carrot and turmeric in the morning and carrot, apple and ginger at lunch time. It is slow pressed over 45 minutes in a special Gersion therapy juicer, a method that wouldn’t be available anywhere else, I believe! The taste is out of this world. For the rest of the day I drink water or coconut water.

The owner and his Balinese wife are highly dyslexic and cannot believe that the universe brought me to them, as they had never met anyone who understood their way of thinking, even having seen many specialists in that field. It was also fascinating for me, as they are both so highly sensitive and clairsentient that they had tears in their eyes when I described how people who are more on the Autism Spectrum feel and experience life. They just found so many aspects of their own challenges in it. During a meal for a special royal visit last night, under the stars on the beach, surrounded by candles and floral mandalas, we discussed all forms of healing and quantum physics. I didn’t even mind my limitation of only drinking water, watching the delicacies being passed around.

Today is only Day 3 and I’m sure you’ll hear more about it all soon. This article I saw on FB (yes, sorry, had to have a peek into that one):