Healing yourself through Fasting

Last Tuesday I went to see Tyler Tolman and heard a very interesting talk about food, fasting and hopefully the end of cancer and many other diseases, including Diabetes Type 1 and 2, Crohn’s Disease, Lyme’s Disease, and many other autoimmune diseases that are getting quite wide-spread in our S.A.D (Standard Australian Diet) and in the first world especially.

The main points I got out for myself:

-Stop eating meat or eliminate the intake of animal proteins to 5 – 10 % (max). Anything over 10 % (average Australian diet – 20%)

-Try to avoid breakfast (except a juice or lemon-water) as the body wants to detox EARLY in the morning

Our body is full of ‘tubes’, one of them being the lymphatic system, which cleans out the body of toxins and plaque build-up, which becomes the fuel for cancer cells (acidic fermented sugars). A plant based diet is 10 times more effective to get rid of cancer cells.

-Eat 5-7 servings of Vegetables; walk 30-40 min and drink 8 glasses of water a day, breathe deeply, walk in early sunshine, stretch and have great relationships (instead of ‘relationshits’)

-Grapefruit and lemons clean out the lymphatic system

-Don’t use commercial deodorants (bad odor is a sign of the wrong diet) or bras with underwire

-Bounce on trampoline


  • Preparation is very important: to detox, have enemas, 4 days of colon cleanses, (or 7 days of raw food diet/juicing) getting rid of plaque makes a fast much more effective and comfortable
  • Do a juice fast before doing a water fast (much easier), at least 2-4 liters of Juice + 4 liters of water minimum
  • the first three days of Fasting isn’t even fasting, just getting rid of old ‘food-matter’
  • Optimal 4 fasts a year for 7 – 10 days (water fast if possible, otherwise at least juicing)
  • ‘Rejuvenesence’ that way should take 10 years off your biological age
  • Fasting effectively kills cancer cells, speeds up detoxification and rids the cells of toxic metabolic accumulates.
  • Do not fast over 21 days (for a water fast)…10 days is better
  • A grapefruit sized tumor in a cancer patient disappeared after a 10 day water fast
  • When fasting the body sheds step by step in the order of the original growth pattern
  • Fasting can get rid of tumors, cysts, abscesses, fatty deposits, cancer…
  • Fasting triggers STEM CELL regeneration
  • When you fast, the system tries to save energy and recycles old immune cells that are damaged and no longer needed
  • A 3-day fast can reset the entire immune system and the new stem cells can take the shape of any cell
  • You lose approx 1/2 kilogram each day when fasting

Author: Barbara Hoi

I have worked for 14 years with Dyslexic and Asperger geniuses one-on-one, founded Sydney Dyslexia and Autism Sydney, worked in Mosman and at a beach retreat at the Entrance and wrote three books on Dyslexia ('the Right Brain for the Right Time', 'Nurturing the Secret Garden' and 'Learning your Times Tables in Three Bold Steps'). I believe these children and adults have a great gift and the ability to become leaders in their field. But I have also found that a proper diet as well as educating and working together with parents, friends and teachers matters even more. I am now working with small groups at the Entrance Beach Retreat, helping dyslexic adults fulfill their professional dreams and parents to help develop and nurture their child's potential.

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