Vipassana, here I come

During the Christmas period, staying at the Entrance most of the time, I had the privilege of being harmonized every day for nine days in a row – and also prayed for. Usually there is a sign or an insight or something out of the ordinary on the ninth day. For me that was an acceptance email that I got into the 10-day Silence Retreat in the Blue Mountains, the Vipassana. Starting on February 15, it offers 10 days of total silence, 10-hours of meditation a day, 2 meals and the prospect of uncovering what is hidden in the crevices of my subconscious mind…and letting it go.

One day after coming back, I have booked a flight to Bali, just for good measure, to cement in the new meditation practices and heal that part of myself which I haven’t paid much attention to so far: the subconscious conditioned self that is not always obvious and supportive of our growth.