My first week of MUPs

On Monday I have finally seen the CT Scan results and notes – and it wasn’t that bad at all. The scan from last year only consisted of the abdomen and pelvis, this one also included chest. So of course there is more to look at:

The enlarged lymph nodes on the chest were a maximum of 19 mm and there were only four in total. The abdomen ones – compared to last year – were a mixed bag: Only two lymph nodes were bigger (the porta hepatis node went from 28 mm to 36 mm, another one from 19 mm to 24 mm). However, my doctor had failed to mention that three lymph nodes decreased (25 – 24 mm, 25 – 17 mm and 12 – 9 mm) and one stayed the same. All organs are fine and although the spleen is enlarged, it’s not cancerous.

Well, I call that a good outcome and one I still have to improve on – or let my body do the work, while I keep meditating a minimum of two hours a day, sometimes five. It feels great. I hope my MUPs (Meditation in Unusual Places) have inspired some of you!


One comment on “My first week of MUPs

  1. Hi Barbara,
    It’s a joy to read your openess. You inspire me with the way you manage your body and Soul, and to be so candid with us on such personal issues.
    A guiding light you are, and due to your beautiful nature, good fortune will always be with you. Much love to you Barbara. Gordon x

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