Meditation in Unusual Places ‘MUP’

Last Thursday I had my CT Scan, one year after the initial diagnosis.

There are good and bad news: Good: cancer is not in the organs. Not as good: the lymph nodes are apparently bigger?!? Well, I have not seen the scan myself and will check it out when I see my doctor tomorrow.

His advice: ‘Now it’s time to do it our way!’ (Immuno-chemo)

My solution: Taking three months off to meditate. I have cancelled all but one client, have a wedding of my niece coming up on the 18th of November (which I am organizing) and for the rest of the time I’ll be relaxing, meditating and contemplating why I have attracted such an intense learning curve. I want to make it a bit fun too. So I’ll report different MUPs (Meditations in Unusual Places) every week.

One of my wiser friends (sorry, not to offend anyone) told me that I have to get out of the language I have been using, like ‘loving my cancer to death’ or ‘new cancer treatment’ or ‘a good cancer diet’…She said that by using the “C”-word, I am being drawn into the big morphic field that is infected with the fear of millions – so a powerful nocebo (opposite of placebo). Instead I should talk about my project, as it is a personal growth accelerator that I have pulled in for a reason.

Not having been able to shift it during this year, it is now time to address it more from the inside, more than through the nutrition-supplement-therapy aspect that I have mostly focused on all this time, I will now rest, relax, meditate and hopefully detox from the phone – not feeling guilty if I am not able to please everyone at anytime.

Wish me good luck!


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