My first week of MUPs

On Monday I have finally seen the CT Scan results and notes – and it wasn’t that bad at all. The scan from last year only consisted of the abdomen and pelvis, this one also included chest. So of course there is more to look at:

The enlarged lymph nodes on the chest were a maximum of 19 mm and there were only four in total. The abdomen ones – compared to last year – were a mixed bag: Only two lymph nodes were bigger (the porta hepatis node went from 28 mm to 36 mm, another one from 19 mm to 24 mm). However, my doctor had failed to mention that three lymph nodes decreased (25 – 24 mm, 25 – 17 mm and 12 – 9 mm) and one stayed the same. All organs are fine and although the spleen is enlarged, it’s not cancerous.

Well, I call that a good outcome and one I still have to improve on – or let my body do the work, while I keep meditating a minimum of two hours a day, sometimes five. It feels great. I hope my MUPs (Meditation in Unusual Places) have inspired some of you!


Meditation in Unusual Places ‘MUP’

Last Thursday I had my CT Scan, one year after the initial diagnosis.

There are good and bad news: Good: cancer is not in the organs. Not as good: the lymph nodes are apparently bigger?!? Well, I have not seen the scan myself and will check it out when I see my doctor tomorrow.

His advice: ‘Now it’s time to do it our way!’ (Immuno-chemo)

My solution: Taking three months off to meditate. I have cancelled all but one client, have a wedding of my niece coming up on the 18th of November (which I am organizing) and for the rest of the time I’ll be relaxing, meditating and contemplating why I have attracted such an intense learning curve. I want to make it a bit fun too. So I’ll report different MUPs (Meditations in Unusual Places) every week.

One of my wiser friends (sorry, not to offend anyone) told me that I have to get out of the language I have been using, like ‘loving my cancer to death’ or ‘new cancer treatment’ or ‘a good cancer diet’…She said that by using the “C”-word, I am being drawn into the big morphic field that is infected with the fear of millions – so a powerful nocebo (opposite of placebo). Instead I should talk about my project, as it is a personal growth accelerator that I have pulled in for a reason.

Not having been able to shift it during this year, it is now time to address it more from the inside, more than through the nutrition-supplement-therapy aspect that I have mostly focused on all this time, I will now rest, relax, meditate and hopefully detox from the phone – not feeling guilty if I am not able to please everyone at anytime.

Wish me good luck!

Blood tests one year later

Well, after a lot of reminders from my loved ones, that it would be a good idea to now have blood tests and a CT Scan to see how I’m going, since next week it will have been one year since my official diagnosis, I have at least done the blood test part.

I got the results from the blood tests a few days ago and there were good news and mediocre ones. The blood-sugar levels and hemoglobin levels were good, a liver enzyme seems to be elevated and – the thing they were more concerned about – there is inflammation in my body.

It has prompted me to take stock and look at what I have been doing. A lot – and as some say ‘Too much’. Most of it was from the outside in: nutrition, supplements,  massages, Vitamin C infusions … and I have been working more than ever, sometimes weeks without a break.

Before going to do the CT Scan (which I want to do on Friday, 21/10), I thought it would be a good idea to take two weeks off to devote entirely to meditation and relaxation, ideally at the Entrance, where there is no interruption. Well, the problem was, that I had a client booked in for next week, an adult from Pakistan, who had been waiting for this for months and I didn’t have the heart to ring him to change it. I threw in that idea, that if it is supposed to happen, he will somehow cancel. Can you imagine my surprise, when I received an email on Friday evening from his wife, that her poor husband had to go to his brother’s funeral in Pakistan and had been due back on Friday, but due to the political unrest in Kashmir, has been detained in Delhi and had to return home to get a new passport organized. Apologizing for the inconvenience, she asked to postpone the dyslexic program for one month! Although I feel for the poor guy, I was quite amazed at the timing and the opportunity it offers me to do what I need to do.

Having started yesterday by meditating for four hours, I can honestly say, I feel utterly amazing and look forward to more of it.

Will keep you updated – and can highly recommend the guided meditations  by Joe Dispenza I follow on YouTube.