Optimoxx Detox system has arrived

I was very excited to see that my two Opitmoxx Detox Packages have arrived, a unique detox system that I had ordered from America – and that is now sold out. It comes in two parts: Optimoxx 1 cleans the colon and the lymphatic system (for 2 weeks), then Opitmoxx2 does its job for Liver and Kidney.

When you read the ingredients and the process, the sourcing in pure organic environments, the fermentation, and harmonization that goes into these herbs, seeds, bulbs, leaves and micro organism, it’s no wonder the product is currently not available.

Example: holy basil (anti-fungal and anti-bacterial), parsley (Vit C, B12, K, A, folic acid), psyllium (aids digestion), cardamon, fennel (calming, inhibits growth of viruses, bacteria, fungus), green tea (antioxidant), burdock root (oldest detox remedy), milk thistle, ginger, artichoke leaf, celery seed (alkalizes), broccoli seed (stimulates immune system)…

more here:

Optimoxx Sold Out


2 comments on “Optimoxx Detox system has arrived

  1. I’ve been using Optimoxx for about 1 week, I am so itchy…. is that part of detoxing? Maybe I’m detoxing to fast?

    • Hi Mary, I’m not an expert, but I have been experiencing itchiness (esp. legs from knees to feet) even before opitmoxx and know that it’s part of detoxing. I still have some mercury in the body to get out, but now the itchiness is a lot more bearable. There are oils and natural creams that help and stop at least the symptoms.

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