Where am I up to with my Cancer Project?

Interestingly I was approached by a couple of people who missed reading my blog, wondering if I am cured or if I died – not that they suggested the latter.

It made me realize that I hadn’t updated my status for a while; I think mainly because I wasn’t sure myself where I’m at. About four weeks ago I ran into my GP (had avoided him as much as the oncologist, which wasn’t fair, as he was really very supportive and a good friend). I had gone to see Ray because Ben wanted to get immunized to go to South America and after seeing Ben, he quickly whisked me into the surgery without an appointment, just for a brief check-up. He thought it definitely isn’t worse, but that it isn’t gone altogether either. He gave me two scripts: one for pathology, one for a CT Scan of my torso – and both scripts valid for 6 months, to be used whenever I’d be ready…which is fair enough.

Not being ready to get any lukewarm news, I still carry them in my handbag and instead of pathology I headed to a naturopath in Mosman for a life-blood analysis. The lovely Indian naturopath who is also a doctor, tested the organs, blood, fatty tissue, connective tissue etc. with a Vega machine and came to the conclusion that there is still heavy metal residue in my body and that the liver, stomach and spleen are working hard at removing the toxic load. The blood moving on the computer screen also showed a sluggish picture of blood cells clogged together and not moving around freely.

Of course Vega machines are as little respected by traditional doctors as anything else I am doing, and of course really poo-pooed by the skeptics. So needless to say, it was perfect for me. (http://www.wholisticresearch.com/info/artshow.php3?artid=80).

I received a few pills and drops, which I took diligently for a month and the change in my blood picture and what the Vega machine spilled out were remarkable. I saw my blood cells move freely and happily – and every organ showed a reading in the normal range. There is now only a residue of heavy metals in the fatty tissues. That happened three days ago and I expect full clearance next time I see him.

In the meantime I am having fun, eating well and receiving as many healings, harmonisations and pampering as I can. Last month it was a beautiful lymphatic drainage massage, and last week – an Aromatherapy-Didgeridoo-Sound Healing .

Every day I’m filled with a sense of awe and gratitude for this journey and for all the wonderful people and experiences it draws into my life.


Author: Barbara Hoi

I have worked for 14 years with Dyslexic and Asperger geniuses one-on-one, founded Sydney Dyslexia and Autism Sydney, worked in Mosman and at a beach retreat at the Entrance and wrote three books on Dyslexia ('the Right Brain for the Right Time', 'Nurturing the Secret Garden' and 'Learning your Times Tables in Three Bold Steps'). I believe these children and adults have a great gift and the ability to become leaders in their field. But I have also found that a proper diet as well as educating and working together with parents, friends and teachers matters even more. I am now working with small groups at the Entrance Beach Retreat, helping dyslexic adults fulfill their professional dreams and parents to help develop and nurture their child's potential.

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