Dr. Burke on Salvestrols

Salvestrols are mainly present in fruits and should be exciting for anyone with cancer, when they are aware of the research that Dr. Burke and his colleagues did into a specific enzyme that our body produces – and that is ONLY present in cancer cells: CYP1B1. Then it makes sense to produce a pharmaceutical component that ONLY focuses on that CYP1B1 -and leaves healthy cells untouched. However, it makes even more sense, when they find these components in our nutrition and manage to extract it from those fruit and vegetables that are organic and have the highest contents of salvestrols. Salvestrol levels are typically 30 times higher in organic foods than in those farmed under modern, mechanized farming methods.

Professor Dan Burke explains that salvestrols are food-based compounds that are metabolised by CYP1B1 to produce metabolites that are anticancer agents. These anticancer agents suppress tumour growth by killing the cancer cells. Salvestrols provide an explanation of the link between diet and cancer and between fruit and vegetable consumption and lower cancer incidence.

I never believed that cancer was a curable disease. Now, in the light of what we have discovered, I believe that cancer is curable.
– Professor Gerry Potter


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