I need Sea Snail Eggs

Since my lymphoma is decreasing at a snail’s pace, it’s probably appropriate to look at the humble sea snail for answers. Looking at the research here, it seems that they are doing a far better job than chemotherapy, when 100 % of cancer cells are responding instead of 10 %. No resistance there…so bring it on!



Cancer update

I have just realized that almost 7 months have passed since my diagnosis. Often forgetting now that it is still there – with my decreasing belly being the sole reminder – I feel like summing up what I still do and what gets forgotten:

Yesterday (6 May 2016) I did my second liver stone flush (Andreas Moritz), as this morning was New Moon, according to Andreas the best time to do it. I was a lot less rigid, following the recipe, but really surprised by the outcome – a lot more liver stones (well, they aren’t really stones, but pea-sized green floaty ‘putty’). Anyway, it feels very cleansing and of course you lose weight and belly circumference.

The Road trip to Byron Bay with a group of ‘girls’ was wonderful and I think it helped to appease my sister and my Austrian family, that I am really well and not pretending to be. The sense of fun and adventure certainly didn’t harm me, even though the alcohol consumption went up quite a bit.

While there, our trip to Nimbin didn’t equip me with cannabis oil, although it would have been rather easy and we had a big adventure while there instead. ¬†Shortly before leaving, a friend of mine had sourced it for me, as her friend’s husband died before he could finish the bottle. Apparently it helped him a lot with the pain, which I won’t be able to tell, since I have no pain. So we’ll see how it goes.

I would say that my diet is now my Nr 1 focus. It is mainly organic; mainly meat-and alcohol-free, with fish occasionally; lots of juicing, veggies and salads; also banana milk shakes without milk, but with frozen bananas, water and almonds, hiding supplements like apricot kernels, slippery elm, kale powder…and other nutritious ‘dirt’ in it. The other way of getting these additional herbs and spices is by adding it into my home-made bread.

I still use the bi-carb Soda with Molasses and the Quark with Flaxseed Oil. Everything I eat is yummy and enjoyed by the rest of the family – with the exception of the bi-carb mix, of course.

Still loving the journey! Meditating! Swimming! Having a great time!