Done the Liver-stone Flush

On Friday night – Good Friday night – the Big flush was on: No more food after lunch (and a very basic lunch of Quinoa and vegetables), then just resting, meditating, coffee- and water enema and drinking water.

At 6 pm a small glass of Epsom Salts in Water and at 8 pm another one of these absolutely disgusting replacements for the red wine that Josef missed most.

At 10 pm the oil concoction went down (half a glass of olive oil, well mixed with lemon and orange juice) in one big gulp (it was similar to drinking salad dressing, so not nearly as bad as expected). After that, straight to bed and listening to the gurgling and the internal stone movement. It was hard to fall asleep – it must have been about 1 am before I finally fell asleep, to wake up to my alarm at 6 am: time for glass three of the Epsom Salt Water. After that the stone migration started. It wasn’t as record breaking as I had anticipated, but there clearly were about a dozen of green-pea stones floating on top. Not investigating everything too closely, I don’t think there were gallstones falling to the bottom of the toilet. Josef, who joined me in this unique experience, had a few more stones to report!

The last glass of Epsom Salt at 10 am brought on more movement and really cleared out the stomach and colon. I felt amazingly clean and empty and the scales mirrored it by showing over one kilo of weight was lost.

Luckily we had nothing on until the Moscow Circus at 4 pm – by which time all was over and fine. I will certainly do it again in a couple of month’s time, just to make sure there is nothing else left. I think next time, I’ll have to do it by myself – too hard for Joe!


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