IV Vitamin C 60 g

What are the benefits of Vitamin Infusions?

Vitamin Infusions are a powerful immune system booster with anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-histamine properties. Vitamins helps the body recover from inflammation, thrombosis, infection, fatigue and with post surgical healing. They play a role in heart and brain functions as well as our bodies immune system.

Increasing your vitamin intake by eating more of certain foods or by taking oral supplements can lead to a healthier lifestyle, however not all of the required vitamins and minerals actually penetrate into the blood. More importantly there may not be enough of the essential nutrients that are needed during illness, high stress or for a person who is recovering post surgery. A Vitamin Injection can go directly into your blood stream where all of the nutrients can be readily absorbed by your body to speed up the healing process.

My experience:

The powerful cocktail of high-volume vitamin C is delivered straight into my blood stream using the Intravenous Therapy (IV) delivery method. There is no downtime, but I have noticed that you do need to rest afterwards. There is almost a feeling of disorientation,  and lightness afterwards (and I felt slightly nauseous during the drip) – maybe driving home wasn’t a good idea after the first big 60 g dose. However, after my third ‘load’, which takes close to two hours to administer, it has become easier to take and there are no more negative side effects. I was advised to have two drips a week, for about 4-6 weeks. It costs $ 225 each time, but if it works, it’s well worth it. The clinic in Manly, who administers the drip, has very experienced and caring nurses and a professional set-up, where everyone is friendly and I’ve met a variety of other IVC recipients: women recovering from Chemo, getting help for lymes disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, recovering  from different illnesses and diseases. I was quite surprised at the big variety of uses for Vitamin C.



Done the Liver-stone Flush

On Friday night – Good Friday night – the Big flush was on: No more food after lunch (and a very basic lunch of Quinoa and vegetables), then just resting, meditating, coffee- and water enema and drinking water.

At 6 pm a small glass of Epsom Salts in Water and at 8 pm another one of these absolutely disgusting replacements for the red wine that Josef missed most.

At 10 pm the oil concoction went down (half a glass of olive oil, well mixed with lemon and orange juice) in one big gulp (it was similar to drinking salad dressing, so not nearly as bad as expected). After that, straight to bed and listening to the gurgling and the internal stone movement. It was hard to fall asleep – it must have been about 1 am before I finally fell asleep, to wake up to my alarm at 6 am: time for glass three of the Epsom Salt Water. After that the stone migration started. It wasn’t as record breaking as I had anticipated, but there clearly were about a dozen of green-pea stones floating on top. Not investigating everything too closely, I don’t think there were gallstones falling to the bottom of the toilet. Josef, who joined me in this unique experience, had a few more stones to report!

The last glass of Epsom Salt at 10 am brought on more movement and really cleared out the stomach and colon. I felt amazingly clean and empty and the scales mirrored it by showing over one kilo of weight was lost.

Luckily we had nothing on until the Moscow Circus at 4 pm – by which time all was over and fine. I will certainly do it again in a couple of month’s time, just to make sure there is nothing else left. I think next time, I’ll have to do it by myself – too hard for Joe!

Raw Banana Caramel Cups

I really like the simplicity of this and I like bananas:



Dairy FreeRaw VeganVegan





  • 2 fresh bananas
  • 1 frozen banana
  • Fresh or frozen fruit, such as blueberries, for topping


  • 1 cup dates
  • 1/2 cup water



  1. Like a mini cupcake pan.
  2. Blend together bananas until smooth.
  3. Fill the lined mini cupcake pans until halfway full. Set aside.


  1. Blend together until smooth. Pour a generous amount of caramel into cupcake pans.


  1. Pour the rest of the banana coating over the caramel and top with fresh or frozen fruit of choice.
  2. Place in freezer for at least 2 hours before serving.






Amanda is a gluten-free, vegan recipe blogger. After years struggling with health problems she transformed her diet and lifestyle which she now shares on her website – Create N Plate. Specializing in dessert recipes, she also shares simple everyday meal ideas that will leave you feeling satisfied and excited for your next meal.


Light against Cancer

Another new technology is being tested and scientifically researched to fight cancer in a more sustainable way: optogenetics, nanotechnology to affect and shrink the cancer cells.


Yet, I have know this and used this for many years: Harmonisation. And while I have given and received harmonisations since 1996, I have been the recipient of a very special new approach: a Harmonising-Healing Circle. Last Sunday I was being harmonised while a group of 8 people were praying for me in the next room. The only intention of their prayer was my well-being, in the way I was able to formulate it at the beginning. Just alone the fact that eight individuals take two hours out of their precious Sunday to do this for me was quite humbling and very special. The heat around me was much greater than usually, although the only person in my room was the harmoniser. I could hear the prayers from the distance in another room through the open door. The wonderful harmonisation was followed by a ‘prana’ healing of the energy around my head and I felt so light and joyful when I left, that I didn’t even need any other ‘proof’ that this had an effect on my health.

To my surprise I woke up the next morning without lying in a pool of sweat which had been happening for about a month. I know that this wasn’t caused by a cooler weather, as during the first couple of days after that treatment the weather was still very hot and humid. These night sweats never returned. My tummy isn’t gone, but I feel it has changed and just know and trust that it is a matter of time for it to go altogether. I feel fantastic!

Thank you to my harmonizing friends, the IVI family!

The Chinese Approach to Cancer

When I saw Dr. Veripatis last week, he highly recommended a Chinese doctor who specializes in treating cancer, just using herbs and a good diet. Apparently they taste bitter and horrible and smell out the house, but work wonders. This article reminded me of it.

What this doctor said made sense: By using only one form of therapy , the cancer will morph and the treatment will become non-effective. Going the alternative way, it makes a lot more sense to vary the approaches to unleash a variety of herbs, vitamins, supplements, therapies and infusions simultaneously to cover all bases.


My First Liver and Gallstone Flush

Saturday, 19 March

Today was my first day of preparation for the first big Liver and Gallstone Flush – easy work, so far. I just added one liter of organic apple juice, mixed with water between my meals. As I had already cut out most meats, dairy, sugar, flour from my diet… I just had to add eggs to the list. I’ll keep you updated, but the idea is that on Good Friday the first big Flush will take place. Josef and Bianca are intending to do their own flush at the same time. Why? Well, I can highly recommend the book by Andreas Moritz, called ‘the Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush’. He believes that 95 % of people in the developed countries are having ‘liver stones’ without being aware of. These can block the bile ducts and cause a huge array of illnesses, pains in the body, weight gain, heart conditions,  diabetes (both kinds), depression, MS, skin disorders, cancers and many other diseases.

Luckily Full Moon is on Wednesday, so by Friday the conditions are set in the heavens too! Kind of looking forward to it. There is only one little problem: I am having two more IV Vitamin C (60 g) infusions planned next week and according to Andreas Moritz, any supplements and vitamins should be avoided during that time.

My first big IV-C took almost two hours and had quite an impact. It heightened all senses and afterwards exhaustion. Much sleep was needed, but very high energy the next day. I’ll keep you updated on that too.

But in case anyone is keen to start their own flush, here is the recipe:

Liver Flush/ by Andreas Moritz

1. Drink 1 liter of apple juice a day for six days (the malic acid softens the gallstones and makes the passage through the bile ducts easier).. Can cause bloating and diarrhea for a few days. The fermenting effect of the juice widens the bile ducts. Avoid: animal foods, dairy products, fried foods. If you cannot drink apple juice (diabetic, cancer etc), replace with four glasses of water a day, infused with 1-2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. (which I have learned the hard way – had to replace the apple juice after 2 days, as my tummy was even more bloated than usually)
 Best time for the liver flush between full moon and new moon moon and over a weekend when you have time to rest. Day of new moon is perfect for the actual flush
Don’t take medication or supplements (unless vital)
2. Cleanse your colon before and after the liver flush, ideally enema on day 6
3. On day 6: drink 1 l apple juice in the morning, eat a light breakfast (avoid eggs, nuts, sugars, milk, butter, yoghurt, cheese, ham) fruit is fine. Lunch: steamed vegetables and basmati rice. (No butter, oil or protein foods). After 1.30 only water
4. The Actual Flush
6 pm: add 4 tablespoons of Epson salts (magnesium sulfate) to 750 ml filtered water in a jar. This makes 4 glasses (3/4 full) of water. Drink your first glass now. Few sips of lemon water after neutralizes the bitter taste. Close nostrils or drink with large straw to bypass taste buds. Epsom salts widen and relax the bile ducts, making it easier for the stones to pass. They also clear out waste that may obstruct the passage. (Magnesium citrate second choice only!)
8 pm:  drink second 3/4 glass w Epsom salts 
9.30 pm: unless you had a bowel movement, take a water enema to trigger a bowel movement
9.45: squeeze the pink grapefruit (or lemon/orange) and without pulp make it 3/4 glass mix with  1/2 glass of olive oil. In a pint jar, shake well (about 20 times)
10 pm: drink that olive oil mixture. Ideally go to the toilet beforehand
Stand next to your bed (don’t sit for drinking) and drink the concoction without interruption if possible.
Lie down immediately! It will help release the stones. Lie flat on your back, head propped up with 2 pillows (head should be higher than abdomen). If uncomfortable, lie in your right side with knees pulled towards chest.
Lie perfectly still for min 20 minutes (don’t speak if possible) put your attention on your liver. You may feel the stones travel sling the bile ducts like marbles. There won’t be pain. Sleep if you can.
Have a bowel movement during the night, if necessary- check if small stones already there. Pea green or tan colored gallstones may already float in the toilet. You may feel nauseous (from released toxins) but they will pass.
5. The day after: 
At 6-6.30 am: drink your third 3/4 glass of Epsom salts – if very thirsty, have a glass of warm water beforehand
Rest, read, meditate… Best upright, but lie down if very sleepy
8-8.30 am: drink forth 3/4 glass of Epsom salts
10-10.30 am: drink freshly pressed fruit juice or eat 1-2 pieces of fruit
Lunch: light lunch
Back to normal by the evening
Continue to eat light meals for a few days.
Your liver and gallbladder have undergone something similar to major ‘surgery’, without the side effects. Be kind to your liver and keep eating clean food without meat.
No problem drinking water when thirsty except right after Epsom  salts or 2 hours after drinking the oil mix 
The results: first day watery bowel movements, mixed with stones or just stones mixed with water. Most gallstones float in the toilet as they contain bile compounds (different shades of green mean that they come from the liver only). Light stones are newer  than dark ones. Pea sized or smaller, or as big as a walnut. Dozens or sometimes hundreds of stones.
Tan colored/white stones may sink to the bottom – they are calcified gallstones (heavy toxic substances inside). While the green stones are like putty (thanks to the apple juice) the gallstones are hard.
Layers of white foam can also float there- millions of tiny white, sharp edged cholesterol crystals. Count or estimate your stones – to permanently cure health problems and disease, all stones have to be removed – this may require 8-12 flushes at 3 weekly or monthly intervals (not more frequently than that!). The 3 week break may incl the 6 days of juice.
Once you started, finish cleansing until no more stones come out during 2 consecutive flushes. Leaving the liver half cleaned can cause more discomfort that not cleansing.
The liver will function more efficiently soon after the first flush. Less pain, headaches, bloating, …more energy, clarity of mind,
But recovery is short lived unless the next lot if stones get cleared. Usually after 6-8 flushed stones are gone, but in severe cases 10-12.
Cleanse your Colon within 3 days after a liver flush.