Vitamin C

Let’s help the cancer to check out when he is ready to do so. A bit like with my bi-carb soda, where the maple syrup is the Trojan horse to get the bi-carb straight to the cancer, IVC does the same – as Vitamin C is the antioxidant that tricks the cancer with its similarity to sugar to absorb it straight into the cancer cells. Having had two medium level doses so far (15 g and 30 g, intravenously ), I can honestly say that I have felt a great sense of lightness, an energy boost and visualised the rest: the Vitamin C doing its job in the invisible.

This type of oxidative therapy is not approved  by most doctors (mine highly discouraged me – not proven to be effective and not part of the ‘Good Practice Code’). I honour his opinion, yet have to do what feels right for me.

Having said that, a much higher dose (60 g) would be necessary for me twice a week for several weeks. So I am checking it out!



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