Update exactly 2 months later

Interesting, I have just realized that it has been two months since my diagnosis and I take stock:

  • I have almost forgotten that I have cancer and really slacked off with the nutrition and alcohol consumption. Maybe due to the pre-Christmas drinks and dinners, alcohol is almost a daily occurrence now.
  • For the same reason, I believe that my stress levels have increased as well – there is too much to organize, think about, plan, buy, visit, write, clean etc. The beautiful state of Mindfulness that had been a part of my life recently has all but disappeared.
  • I don’t believe the cancer is gone yet (my two symptoms are still there), but neither do I think it has gone worse.

I promise myself that I will take more time and care again, saying no to some of the ‘oh-so-pressing’ issues. We are looked after and I have to get back into the right vibration to take advantage of the insights, advice and care that is all around me – and everyone else too.


One comment on “Update exactly 2 months later

  1. I love that you are sharing with us what most of us are feeling at this time of year and making us aware that if/when life gets ‘off track’ we can always reroute and become more in tune of where we want to be. Xxx thank you Barbara. Love Lea

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