Sacred Geometry Healing


You haven’t lived if you haven’t had your Forth Eye opened. Well, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, as before this morning, I wasn’t even aware that we have a Forth Eye!

As part of a Sacred Geometry Healing, my Forth Eye was not the only aspect of awakening – my Kundalini is also flowing again and I feel great.

I am only mentioning this here, because these are the small gifts I receive on a daily basis, as part of my self-imposed ‘Healing Protocol’. The idea behind is to not have a fixed plan, but to instead make sure that I’m able to maintain a high frequency (feeling deep joy, gratitude and peace) and feeling cradled in such wonderful vibration, expecting and accepting all the wonderful things that come my way.

An additional huge plant of Aloe Vera arrived as well this morning, thank you, Paula and Mark!

Life is beautiful!


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