Amazing Health Benefits of Dry-Skin-Brushing

Well, doesn’t that sound like all the wishes for 2016 are about to come true? Everyone wishes you happiness, joy and peace for the new year, but just imagine how much happier you’ll be without cellulitis, how much joy you’ll experience with higher energy levels and how peaceful your life could be without inflammation! So keep brushing and know that I am joining in (metaphorically speaking) and hopefully we’ll circulate in each other’s company more often in 2016, with love, Barbara


Post Christmas Program


After a rather undisciplined Christmas period, especially what drinking alcohol was concerned, I am now happy to say that I am not only back on track, but intensified my approach:

I start my day power-tubing (detoxing), walking and swimming, followed by a healthy shake that includes a variety of supplements, e.g. turmeric, Kefir coconut yoghurt, magnesium & zinc, a touch of cayenne pepper, 5 almond kernels (the cyanide), an apple, kale, almonds, cashew nuts, a couple of organic dates etc.

I also doubled my dose of Bi-carb Soda-Maple Syrup to having 1 1/2 teaspoon in hot water with the same amount of maple syrup in the morning and 2 tsp of each in the afternoon. Almost daily a coffee enema, juices with aloe vera, trampolining, body brushing, flaxseed oil-cottage cheese, more power-tubing, and of course meditation. I have read the book by Joe Dispenza, ‘You are the Placebo’, which resonated very well with me and my beliefs.

As I discussed with Josef’s niece yesterday, we all have to do what feels right and what felt right for her doesn’t work at all for me and vice versa. Without judgment on either side, we are just admiring and supporting each other’s courage. Well, I think she is far more courageous to be having several courses of chemo, one that required her to be prematurely medicated into menopause to tolerate the chemotherapy, to have both breasts and her ovaries removed as a preventative measure and to be taking chemo tablets for the next five years. Just the thought of her ordeal causes shivers to run down my spine. Poor girl!

Another friend of mine went to support her friend while she went through a chemotherapy session. She found her in the oncology ward, sitting with many others, having an ice-cap on her hair to prevent it from falling out, (it still did), dipping her fingers into ice water for the same reason, with a blanket around her shivering legs and feeling like a victim of torture while the highly toxic concoction shot through her veins, causing her to feel nauseous, poisoned and fearful.

I really feel I am a coward in comparison, as I cannot even imagine going through something like that. Maybe I just go and have another one of these Bi-carb mixes. If you can believe Dr. Warburg, cancer cannot live in an alkaline environment – and Bi-carb Soda is a good start to get there.

Reading the article below (thanks Richard), makes me think that adding a kind of oxygen therapy would be helpful, maybe also some drastic detox to make sure all the remnants of mercury are gone and a high dose of Vitamin C…what do you think?

P.S. I have also found a lot of interesting books. Just need to find the time now to read them:


The Man Who Discovered Cancer Said This (And Wrote a Book On Curing It)

Published on May 4, 2015  in Overall Health  by Get Holistic Health

Dr. Otto Warburg was the man who discovered the cause of cancer, he was awarded the Nobel prize in 1931 for his work. Initially it was my understanding that he discovered cancer but he actually discovered the cause which in my opinion is even more valuable than discovering cancer. Many people have recognized a problem, a disease, a tumorous lump growing on someone and labeling it a disease. The cause of that disease is even more important and relevant than the disease itself if you want to do something about it. His work came to be known as the “Warburg Effect” or the “Warburg Hypothesis” which basically entailed that cancer cells live off sugar (glycolysis) and that they also thrive in an anaerobic environment. These causes lead me to believe the opposite would help to reverse the cancer growth. What do you think?

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His first belief was that cancer itself cannot exist in an alkaline environment. What conclusion could you draw from this? Foods and drinks that are alkaline are beneficial for helping to remove cancer from the human body.

Beyond this Dr. Otto Warburg also said…

“Cancerous tissues are acidic, whereas healthy tissues are alkaline. Water splits into H+ and OH- ions, if there is an excess of H+, it is acidic; if there is an excess of OH- ions, then it is alkaline.”

“All normal cells have an absolute requirement for oxygen, but cancer cells can live without oxygen – a rule without exception. “Deprive a cell 35% of its oxygen for 48 hours and it may become cancerous.” Dr. Warburg has made it clear that the root cause of cancer is oxygen deficiency, which creates an acidic state in the human body. Dr Warburg also discovered that cancer cells are anaerobic (do not breathe oxygen) and cannot survive in the presence of high levels of oxygen, as found in an alkaline state.

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Dr. Warburg understood the importance of oxygen and an alkaline environment around the cancerous growth. He even went so far as to say that “No Disease, including cancer can live in an alkaline environment” too. So from Dr. Warburg some of the best cancer and disease prevention (and healing, according to him) advice would be to give your body more oxygen and an alkaline environment.

How do you do that? More deep breathing. More nature. If you live in the city you are being bombarded by chemicals and decreasing oxygen levels. The country and nature have higher levels of pure oxygen and this was one of the keys according to Dr. Warburg to help the body be in an alkaline environment. Not only that but eating alkaline foods such as vegetables and fruits can help to alkalize the body environment as well.

I recommend listening to the recent interview on my podcast with Ty Bollinger as well as reading the Top 6 Cancer Prevention Foods.

Amalgam Replacement Today

December 18, 2015

I am both excited and anxious to see my new dentist in a couple of hours, having my amalgams replaced with porcelain fillings in a 2.5 hour session.

It was interesting to hear from several doctors in the past few weeks, that there is absolutely no reason to believe that the mercury/amalgam could possibly be causing an issue in the body, let alone ‘cancer’. My ‘old’ dentist went as far as to tell my husband (who told him about my project) that the only reason amalgam is not used any more was that it doesn’t look good and they were making sure no mercury entered our waterways from the treatment. ‘How interesting’, I thought – ‘Mercury could cause contamination of the waterways, but not in our bodies?’

Another doctor also pointed out that if there was any issue with amalgam, the majority of baby-boomers would have cancer or other diseases (well, many of them do, actually). He assured me that chemotherapy was the only way. ‘Yes, there are side effects, but unfortunately everything that works has side effects. If there are none, it isn’t working’.

Having my last big smoothie now, brush the green fiber out of my teeth and head off to see Dr. Hughes.

Wish me good luck!

Update exactly 2 months later

Interesting, I have just realized that it has been two months since my diagnosis and I take stock:

  • I have almost forgotten that I have cancer and really slacked off with the nutrition and alcohol consumption. Maybe due to the pre-Christmas drinks and dinners, alcohol is almost a daily occurrence now.
  • For the same reason, I believe that my stress levels have increased as well – there is too much to organize, think about, plan, buy, visit, write, clean etc. The beautiful state of Mindfulness that had been a part of my life recently has all but disappeared.
  • I don’t believe the cancer is gone yet (my two symptoms are still there), but neither do I think it has gone worse.

I promise myself that I will take more time and care again, saying no to some of the ‘oh-so-pressing’ issues. We are looked after and I have to get back into the right vibration to take advantage of the insights, advice and care that is all around me – and everyone else too.

Chemotherapy Survival Rate

I’m sure you have seen this interesting Survival Rate Graph, by Australian Oncologists: Lead author Associate Professor Graeme Morgan,a radiation oncologist at Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney; Professor Robyn Ward is a medical oncologist at University of New South Wales/St. Vincent’s Hospital and a third author, Dr. Michael Barton, a radiation oncologist and a member of the Collaboration for Cancer Outcomes Research and Evaluation.  The study concluded that overall, chemotherapy contributes just over 2 percent to improved survival in cancer patients.

I didn’t  realize that Hodgkin’s lymphoma has a three times higher survival rate than the non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma – with chemotherapy, that is.

to read the entire article:

Of course, the study being from 2005, it can be argued that nowadays there are much more effective chemotherapies in use.?