Coffee Enemas!

I have learned by now that all I need to do is stay calm and happy – and my entire journey will unfold with me staying out of its way. The really important sign posts on this path – I discovered – come to me more than once. So it was with coffee enemas. I have heard that the Hospital in Mexico is big on Coffee Enemas – daily at least once! – but I never thought I’d admit to this: I have purchased my own coffee enema kit! From reading the info below, it looks easy:

Why Coffee Enemas?

I think we all need to detox our bodies from time to time, so you don’t need to have cancer or a serious health problem to detox or try these enemas. Since I am not sure if there is even a need to go to Mexico (and if, I’ll go next year), this process can only add to the overall well-being.


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