Starting to Work Again

Having spent one week at the Entrance with a 9-year-old from Bathurst and his parents, getting him to read and understand Maths, I realized how much I enjoy working: It’s very rewarding to see the difference in that boy and the gratitude of the parents. I was, however, less diligent with my ‘cancer protocol’.

I also realized how blessed I am and as I’m wring this blog today, I am filled with love and gratitude:

Thank you, Manfred and Karen, for supplying me with all your fresh and organic vegetables and salads from your own garden. The photo above is from Manfred’s Aloe Vera plant, generously donated to me – Thank you!( I have started adding it to my juice this morning – loving it.

Thank you, Ruth, for harmonizing me twice in that time, filling up my ‘tank’ and checking on the belly, whose lumps and bumps seem to shift and some even disappear. The energy healing has really helped keeping up my vibration and positive energy. Thank you also for the ‘Olivia’-CD, ‘Grace and Gratitude’, deeply moving music, embedded with prayers from many different religions and sound therapy.

Thank you, Nici Verriest, a wonderful NEB practitioner at the Central Coast, (, who has tested me last Wednesday and has found that my body doesn’t absorb Vitamin C, is not tolerant to gluten in wheat and is poisoned by Mercury. “NEB treatments involve massaging certain acupuncture points in the presence of the suspected substance which is held in the hand. This corrects the energetic imbalance in the body to the specific item treated, basically reprogramming a previous harmful memory into a new and ‘friendly’ memory. When all the important imbalances to the nutrients, foods, hormones, previous viral or bacterial infections or environmental toxins have been corrected, the body returns to a state of balance.” On that day, Nici corrected my body’s absorption of Vitamin C. I have found the experience very gently, beneficial and supportive. It was interesting to hear from Nici that I’m one of the healthiest people she has been assessing. The testing had also reaffirmed what I had heard before from Martin, the Swiss Power-Tube inventor: the Amalgam has to be taken out of my teeth asap. Thank you to Leanne for introducing me to Nici.

Thank you, Richard, for sending me this article, which ‘by coincidence’ arrived on the same day:


When the body is in balance, healing is possible.

Thank you, Silvana LaPegna, for getting me on to Caster Oil Packs, which seem like the logical extension after detoxing my colon. I haven’t started the process yet, but sending the information. Silvana said that the therapy has been highly recommended by Edgar Cayce (the sleeping prophet) too, but is much older in its origin:

Thank you to all the other lovely friends and family members who called, wrote, texted and supported me from the distance, while I worked from the Entrance last week. It all helps and opens my heart even more.

Last but not least: Thank you to Josef for dealing with the painters, carpet layers and shifting furniture around, as our Mosman house gets a well-deserved make-over.


Rebounding to detoxify and keep lymphoma in remission

Ok, it took me a while to actually do it – every single day. But then I read that rebounding is an exercise that reduces your body fat; firms your legs, thighs, abdomen, arms, and hips; increases your agility; and improves your sense of balance, provides an aerobic effect for your heart, rejuvenates your body when it’s tired, and generally puts you in a state of health and fitness. Yet most of all I like the fact that profound body detoxification is possible!

By working against constant gravitational pressure when bouncing, you resist Earth’s pull and it pulls out waste products from the cells and forces into them oxygen and nutrition from the bloodstream. 

The lymphatic system is the metabolic garbage can of the body. It rids you of toxins such as dead and cancerous cells, nitrogenous wastes, infectious viruses, heavy metals, and other assorted junk cast off by the cells. The movement performed in rebounding provides the stimulus for a free-flowing system that drains away these potential poisons.

Unlike the arterial system, the lymphatic system does not have its own pump. It has no heart muscle to move the fluid around through its lymph vessels. There are just three ways to activate the flow of lymph away from the tissues it serves and back into the main pulmonary circulation. Lymphatic flow requires muscular contraction from exercise and movement, gravitational pressure, and internal massage to the valves of lymph ducts. Rebounding supplies all three methods of removing waste products from the cells and from the body.


Rebounding: The Very BEST Exercise for the Immune System!

I was diagnosed with low-grade lymphoma in 1989, and have lived far beyond how long mainstream doctors say I should have. I am still in very good health today, and I would call it excellent, except that I have periodic bouts of bronchitis.

In my opinion, one of the very MOST IMPORTANT things I have done to maintain my good health, and to keep the lymphoma in remission, if not out-right shrinking, is an exercise known as REBOUNDING.

The tremendous value of rebounding, from my point of view, is that it exercises the lymphatic system like no other exercise can except that of jumping rope. (But with rebounding there is far less impact on the joints than there is with jumping rope.) The lymphatic fluid travels through the body via a system of what can be likened to “one-way straws”, connected by valves, and each jump up-and-down on the rebounder moves the lymph along, causing it to travel through the body as much as 15 to 30 times as efficiently as when the body is at rest.

But what is even better than that is that rebounding can cause a state of non-disease-induced neutrophillia, which is an increase in the number of white cells circulating through the body, particularly neutrophils,which are one of the types of white cells most responsible for destroying cancer cells. While gentle bouncing may possibly cause a slight increase in neutrophils, and jogging a little more, by sprinting in place for just one minute on the rebounder you can cause your neutrophil count to as much as double what it normally is,(based on Dr. Arthur C. Guyton’s “Textbook of Medical Physiology,” Fifth Edition, Page 74, Paragraph 5), and to remain at that level for about an hour! Any middle-aged adult who tried to sprint in place on anything but a rebounder would soon end up with shin splints or some foot, ankle or knee injury.

Rebounding looks very simple, and it is. It consists of gentle bouncing on a special mini-trampoline. When you do what’s called the “health bounce,” your feet don’t even leave the mat. If you wish, you can of course jump higher than that. Also, if you wish, you can jog or run in place. The rebounder stands about 9 inches off the ground, and has a special “soft-bounce” mat attached to the frame with 4″ long springs, the total surface diameter being 40″. There is a REAL, SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE between the cheap, Asian-made mini-trampolines that are sold at Sears and at K-Mart and the USA-made Rebounder that I use. The cheap mini-rebounders do NOT have a soft-bounce mat, they stand only 4-6 inches off the ground, and they do not have the necessary 4-inch long springs. For those reasons, you cannot do proper rebounding on a cheap mini-trampoline, and in fact you can hurt your ankles, knees or back. Such cheap models will not avail you of the kind of “lymphasizing” exercise I am talking about.

I keep my rebounder near my desk, and get up as often as possible to bounce on it for anywhere between 5 and 30 minutes at a time. Even just a minute or two can be sufficient to stir up the circulatory and lymphatic systems, which tend to settle down and to “pool” in thel egs, ankles and feet when one is sitting for an extended period of time.

The ability to do it at any time throughout the day and evening is one of the very significant advantages of rebounding over other exercise. If you go out walking in the morning, and you walk briskly 2, 3 or 5 miles, you will certainly be getting some good exercise. But an hour or maybe two hours after you’ve finished your walk, your lymphatic and circulatory systems will be back to the rate of flow they were at before you took your walk, and they’ll remain that way till the next morning. The same is true for any other once-a-day type exercise.However, if you have a rebounder at your office or in your home, (or both), you’ll be able to get on it and do some bouncing or gentle jogging throughout the day, so as to keep your blood and your lymph circulating continually, thereby doing the maximum job of keeping yourself healthy, or, if you are dx’d with cancer, of fighting the cancer. There is no special clothing required for rebounding—you don’t even have to take off your shoes! And you can of course rebound no matter what the weather is like outside. On the other hand, if the weather is nice outside, you can take your rebounder outdoors, so as to avail yourself of the fresh air and sunshine! ;+))

Laetrile/Apricot Kernel Treatment


Yesterday I have added yet another facet to my ‘Alternative Cancer Treatment’ repertoire: Laetrile (or amygdalin B17) Therapy

As per research on this wonderful cyanide-glucose-benzaldehyde content of the innocent looking Apricot Kernels, I have found that it’s best to either chew them or add them into juices or smoothies to make sure they are broken down to have the active toxic ingredient do its job on the cancer. I just love Mother Nature’s ideas of fun and cure.

The following paragraph has been taken from the website:

“Treatment #4 of 7: Laetrile or Vitamin B17

Laetrile or Vitamin B17 is a strongly recommended part of this protocol. Laetrile is talked about in detail in the Cellect/Budwig Audio CD’s. Laetrile or B17 has been a major cancer treatment for several decades. It selectively kills cancer cells safely. It does not kill cancer cells so fast that it creates dangerous debris.

The best way to take laetrile is by I.V., however, federal regulators have made this illegal in the U.S. The most common way of taking laetrile is by eating apricot seeds(or apple seeds), which are high in laetrile or Vitamin B17. Laetrile tabletsare also available and are also a very common way of taking laetrile.

The best way to take laetrile is acombinationof laetrile tablets and apricot seeds. This way you get both high doses of laetrile (from the 500 mg tablets) and the nutrients that Mother Nature intended to be taken with laetrile (from the apricot seeds). The laetrile tablets should be taken 1/2 hour after a meal!!

A cancer patient should start with 3 or 4 apricot seeds a day and build up to 25-30 apricot seeds per day or better yet take some combination of apricot seeds and laetrile tablets. Cellect, which is part of this protocol, has many of the nutrients needed for laetrile to be utilized by the body.

When you get to this website look on the left side of the page and look for the “Frequently Asked Questions.” Then click on article 74. This is a key article.
CureZone – See 74 (see link at bottom of this section)

For more information and vendors of apricot seeds, see the bottom of this web page:
Article and Vendors of Laetrile

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The Power Tube – Frequency Therapy


Picture: Martin Frischknecht and a highly magnified water molecule where the triangular nature and the sacred geometry of our basic structure shows

Last weekend I attended a workshop on the Power Tube, as Swiss Frequency Therapy device, whose inventor, Martin Frischknecht, was holding the talk at Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

Well, it was much more than a talk or a workshop, it was more like a three-year science degree with hands-on healing and diagnostic methodology all rolled into three days (9 am to 9 pm).  Not surprisingly most of it went over my head, but I decided to share some crumbs of wisdom that have resonated with me – or intrigued me in their originality.

I was lucky enough to be assessed on stage and I heard the surprise in Martin’s voice when he couldn’t find any traumas or emotional blocks that would have shown up with his spinal diagnostic tool. However, he found a high degree of poisoning and finally pin-pointed it to one source: the amalgam in my teeth. So that is a MUST to remove asap. Needless to say, I have my first extraction/restoration on Friday!

He dispelled one of my myths: You cannot add or release energy (toxins, parasites etc) from a body. No device or therapy can do that. The Power Tube is no exception. Yet, it can optimize the body’s own frequency by changing its energetic structure to enable it to do the job that only our inborn intelligence can achieve.

He believes that:

  • one of the biggest mistake of the traditional medical model it that we ‘fight’ disease. Fighting an illness strengthens it and weakens us. Most doctors don’t know what energy is and are not trained to strengthen our energetic field and our immune system from a fundamental quantum level.
  • Mr. Frischknecht was foremost a musician (concert pianist) and knowing the effect of music on our bodies and souls, he started to find a relevance of such frequencies to heal – hence the power tube’s unique frequencies. – one of the frequencies reaches 200 mega-Hz.
  • Disease only grows in bodies that are acidic, poisoned, lack energy or have been probed, cut, burned or poisoned in some shape or form.
  • Martin has dreamed the device (for those of you who are spiritually inclined – ancient Atlantis healing wisdom), wrote the book about it, had its accuracy confirmed by a physics professor and the device was created and tested at the  University Clinic in Munich.
  • The aim is that people can take responsibility for their own health with a device that cannot harm. Genius is in simplicity – one belief I strongly agree with.
  • Martin is also big on drinking more clean alkaline water and taking minerals.
  • Making any health claims is of course not permitted, even though amazing results were achieved from anti-ageing to detoxification and elimination of parasites, bacteria, toxins etc.

Insight into my cancer diagnosis

hand and butterfly

When you consider that we are 99.9 % empty space and less 0.1 % matter, I have been spending an awful lot of time and energy and food awareness on that small percentage of matter. Lately I have asked myself “What is really behind this diagnosis?” If cancer is merely a messenger of some imbalance in my body or life or environment, what have I missed? Can the cancer go if and when I have solved that puzzle?

Well, the other day, out of the blue, while I was making my bed, one of the answers hit me: Memories flooded in of times and circumstances going back my entire life. Memories of moments when I wouldn’t allow myself to indulge in luxuries, follow my dreams or allow myself the freedom of choice. All of these memories had one component in common: ‘If I had cancer, I would do it!’  When I was a young adult, I had thought how cool it would be to go on a road trip with some girlfriends, without a fixed agenda, just jumping into a sports-car with the roof open – of course that’s just a dream and you’d only do that if you had cancer (which at that time meant I wouldn’t have much time left to live).

Later on I had the dream of walking the Camino (all of it, for about five weeks by myself). I knew that it wouldn’t be a popular decision, rather seen as selfish and ‘you’d only do that if you had cancer’… you get the picture.

These are not conscious decisions or things you’d really want to attract, but they are running in the subconscious nevertheless. We all know how powerful the subconscious is.

Coffee Enemas!

I have learned by now that all I need to do is stay calm and happy – and my entire journey will unfold with me staying out of its way. The really important sign posts on this path – I discovered – come to me more than once. So it was with coffee enemas. I have heard that the Hospital in Mexico is big on Coffee Enemas – daily at least once! – but I never thought I’d admit to this: I have purchased my own coffee enema kit! From reading the info below, it looks easy:

Why Coffee Enemas?

I think we all need to detox our bodies from time to time, so you don’t need to have cancer or a serious health problem to detox or try these enemas. Since I am not sure if there is even a need to go to Mexico (and if, I’ll go next year), this process can only add to the overall well-being.

Raw Cacao Cake – a healthy sweet alternative

IMG_8646You won’t believe how great it tastes


Base: Combine 1 cup of hazelnuts and 1 cup of good quality dates in hot water for 30 minutes, then drain the water and mix the 2 ingredients with 2 tablespoons of Raw Cacao in a food processor, leaving some crunchy bits

Press the base into a base (it doesn’t get cooked, of course) and refrigerate.

Topping: Combine 2 good-size avocadoes with 1 – 2 tbsp of raw honey and 1-2 tbsp on raw cacao (I only combined it with a fork) and before spreading it onto the base, I put down a layer of organic frozen raspberries (defrosted). On top of it you can add whatever you like: I added more raspberries, blueberries and shredded coconut.

It kept in the fridge for several days.

The recipe didn’t ask for lemon, but I pressed the juice of one small lemon into the topping, which was nice.