Saturday: Special Replay of ‘the Truth about Cancer’

In Case you have missed this great documentary – or one of the episodes, it’s still available for a couple of days:

The Truth about Cancer – 9 Episode Replay

IMG_8562 IMG_8561 IMG_8560My added goodies:

Picture 1: Hemp seeds (taste fantastic and I add them to salads, soups, smoothies)

Picture 2: Sauerkraut (home-made) – I have received two batches, both from friends making it themselves adding a culture and they both taste amazing!

Picture 3: Flaxseed Oil (not from the supermarket shelf, but from the fridge of a health food store). I add one tablespoon to some cottage cheese, as I have learned that the positive protein helps it to be absorbed by the body and infuse the cells with oxygen. I top a salad with it or add berries. Just yummy!

My Journey of Loving my Cancer to Death

I had a great weekend at the Entrance = eating surprisingly yummy food despite being on a strict regime, like no sugar, no bad carbs, no Gin and Tonic! I have been harmonized twice by a lovely friend, received locally made goodies and another friend has raided their garden and supplied a huge pile of not just organic but also vegetables and salads that had just been harvested. The life-force around fresh fruit and vegetables is supposed to last only 6 hours, so eating such fresh food is like eating light! No wonder I feel better than in a long time.

Additionally I booked myself into a 3-day seminar in Maroochydore, Queensland, learning to heal emotional blocks and wounds, in mid-November. The creator of my beloved golden rods, Martin Fischknecht from Switzerland is going to hold this special workshop.


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