P.S. Apple Cider Vinegar

IMG_8612Whatever brand you choose, get the Organic Raw Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother!
The cleansing properties of apple cider vinegar have been utilized for centuries. Eastern medicine teaches us that apple cider vinegar can help stimulate circulation and aid detoxification in the liver. Ancient cultures often used apple cider vinegar to purify the blood. Today we are exposed to more toxins than ever before, so it’s become even more important that we take care of our bodies by detoxing with natural medicinal foods like apple cider vinegar.
Apple cider vinegar is rich in natural minerals, vitamins and enzymes. Supplying these nutrients to the body is crucial during a time of detoxification, when all the systems in the body go into overdrive to purge out toxic material. The unique acids in apple cider vinegar can bind to toxins and help the body eliminate them more effectively. They are also equipped to fight bacteria, fungus and Candida.
Another way apple cider vinegar aids detoxification is by breaking up mucus throughout the body and cleansing the lymph nodes to allow for better lymph circulation. A healthy lymphatic system can remove toxins from the cells in the body while improving immune system response.
Taking apple cider vinegar before meals aids digestion and improves gastric health, helping the body remove toxic waste more efficiently. When foods are digested thoroughly and waste eliminated quickly, the body is nourished and toxins are removed before they have time to do damage.
Take apple cider vinegar in small doses throughout the day. Many people like to take 1-3 teaspoons in a glass of water before meals to aid digestion. Others enjoy adding it to hot water with honey to drink as a tea. You can also use apple cider vinegar to make tasty and nutritious sauces and salad dressings.
A hot bath prepared with a cup of apple cider vinegar and a cup of Epsom salts will draw toxins out through the skin and help jumpstart the cleansing process. This can also help relieve joint pain as well as skin conditions like eczema and acne.
When purchasing apple cider vinegar, you’ll want to avoid the perfectly clear, “sparkling clean” varieties you commonly see on grocery store shelves. Instead, you want organic, unfiltered, unprocessed apple cider vinegar, which is murky and brown. The Gnarlier, the Better. When you try to look through it, you will notice a cobweb-like substance floating in it. This is known as “mother,” and it indicates your vinegar is of good quality.
If you’re going to use it as a drinking tonic, you’re going to need to
swish and rinse your mouth really well with water after you drink it..
The acids will soften your teeth, and wear away tooth enamel, even
though it helps to strengthen brittle teeth. Apple cider vinegar is very
powerful with its acids, so you never want to drink it straight. You’ll
always want to dilute it.

Two Weeks since diagnosed: Loving my Cancer to Death

IMG_8609 IMG_8608 IMG_8607As you can tell: Real food, my New Protocol: Bi-Carb Soda; Inspiration

Two weeks later, I am still feeling happy, inspired and full of energy. The amazing food I am eating probably helps to keep the energy high. I used to have the illusion that I am eating healthily – I was wrong! Now every bit of leaf, vegetable and fruit is organic, if possible fresh from a friend’s garden. Knowing how plants maintain their energy or life force for six hours after being harvested, there is nothing better than eating life straight from the garden if you are lucky to have one or – in my case, a friend who does.

Picture 1: Leslie’s Paleo Muesli:

Nuts, seeds, goji berries and coconut in a blender until fairly finely ground and then warmed on cook-top with almond milk. Topped it with some freshly stewed berries, pear and ginger and then a dollop of coconut yogurt. Leslie: “my whole body smiles”

Picture 2: Yesterday I started the Protocol for Baking Soda and Molasses (and translated into Australian: Bi-Carb Soda and Treacle). I started off with one teaspoon of bi-carb soda, dissolved in warm water, where is fizzes and then I add two teaspoons of treacle and half a cup of cold water. It doesn’t taste nice, but apparently it does the job of raising the PH levels dramatically – and everyone knows that cancer doesn’t like an alkaline environment. The treacle/maple syrup is the ‘bait’ to get it readily accepted by the cancer cells, starved for the sugar.

The Baking Soda Formula for Cancer (from Dr. Coldwell’s site)

“To make the baking soda natural cancer remedy at home, you need maple syrup, molasses or honey to go along with the baking soda.

In Dr. Sircus’ book, he documented how one patient used baking soda and blackstrap molasses to fight the prostate cancer that had metastasized to his bones. On the first day, the patient mixed 1 teaspoon of baking soda with 1 teaspoon of molasses in a cup of water.

He took this for another 3 days after which his saliva pH read 7.0 and his urine pH read 7.5.

Encouraged by these results, the patient took the solution 2 times on day 5 instead of once daily. And from day 6 – 10, he took 2 teaspoons each of baking soda and molasses twice daily.

By the 10th day, the patient’s pH had risen to 8.5 and the only side effects experienced were headaches and night sweat (similar to cesium therapy).

The next day, the patient had a bone scan and too other medical tests. His results showed that his PSA (prostate-specific antigen, the protein used to determine the severity of prostate enlargement and prostate cancer) level was down from 22.3 at the point of diagnosis to 0.1.

Another baking soda formula recommends mixing 90 teaspoons of maple syrup with 30 teaspoons of baking soda.

To do this, the maple syrup must be heated to become less viscous. Then the baking syrup is added and stirred for 5 minutes until it is fully dissolved.

This preparation should provide about 10-day worth of the baking soda remedy. 5 – 7 teaspoons per day is the recommended dose for cancer patients.

Care should be taken when using the baking soda remedy to treat cancer. This is because sustaining a high pH level can itself cause metabolic alkalosis and electrolyte imbalance. These can result in edema and also affect the heart and blood pressure.

Ideally, you should consult a doctor before adopting the baking soda solution. An oncologist with a knowledge of this cure would be most helpful.”

Picture 3: We all need inspiration – and I get it daily from different supportive friends. Thank you!

Saturday: Special Replay of ‘the Truth about Cancer’

In Case you have missed this great documentary – or one of the episodes, it’s still available for a couple of days:

The Truth about Cancer – 9 Episode Replay

IMG_8562 IMG_8561 IMG_8560My added goodies:

Picture 1: Hemp seeds (taste fantastic and I add them to salads, soups, smoothies)

Picture 2: Sauerkraut (home-made) – I have received two batches, both from friends making it themselves adding a culture and they both taste amazing!

Picture 3: Flaxseed Oil (not from the supermarket shelf, but from the fridge of a health food store). I add one tablespoon to some cottage cheese, as I have learned that the positive protein helps it to be absorbed by the body and infuse the cells with oxygen. I top a salad with it or add berries. Just yummy!

My Journey of Loving my Cancer to Death

I had a great weekend at the Entrance = eating surprisingly yummy food despite being on a strict regime, like no sugar, no bad carbs, no Gin and Tonic! I have been harmonized twice by a lovely friend, received locally made goodies and another friend has raided their garden and supplied a huge pile of not just organic but also vegetables and salads that had just been harvested. The life-force around fresh fruit and vegetables is supposed to last only 6 hours, so eating such fresh food is like eating light! No wonder I feel better than in a long time.

Additionally I booked myself into a 3-day seminar in Maroochydore, Queensland, learning to heal emotional blocks and wounds, in mid-November. The creator of my beloved golden rods, Martin Fischknecht from Switzerland is going to hold this special workshop.

21 October – Meeting the Surgeon

IMG_8553 IMG_8555

Picture 1: Trampoline – I have learned that jumping on a trampoline every morning for at least five minutes is highly beneficial for the lymph system. Nobody told me that five minutes are that long!

Picture 2: I have had the healthy Deodorant Paste for a couple of months already. It smells great and is all organic, is made by a lovely lady in the Southern Highlands (and she doesn’t even realise I am advertising her great products!). Of course most of us know how harmful our deodorants from the Supermarket are, especially for the lymph nodes.

21.10.2015 (9 days since the diagnosis) and still LOVING MY CANCER TO DEATH

After meeting the haematologist last week and being less than thrilled, I faced the surgeon at the Randwick Prince of wales Hospital with more caution. However, he was so nice and supportive, that he even agreed to add some plastic surgery to the biopsy that he scheduled for wednesday the 28th of October. I always felt embarrassed about my really ugly belly button ever since Ben had been born – now I found out it’s hernia and that operation can easily be attached to the removal of one of the lymph nodes under my arm. Kind of looking forward to surgery now!

Of course finding out the exact type of tumour / lymphoma will help me to determine the future action to take.

In any case, I am feeling great. No pain, no fear. I have unraveled a couple of emotional issues that I have let linger for too long and am that I’m addressing now. There is a big lesson here and I am hoping to be learning more every day.

The endless support and all the prayers and good tips and food I receive are a blessing –

Thank you – Thank you – Thank you!

Welcome to my Healthy Alternative Pathway to ‘Loving my Cancer to Death’

IMG_8548 IMG_8550 IMG_8551 (2)Picture 1 & 2: Alkalizing Drink and Supplements from Austria

Picture 3: My breakfast Power Boosting carb-free Bircher Muesli with the wonderful organic blueberries. The Muesli is one of the recipes I have blogged about, but now the above food supplements (bee pollen, brown millet, magnesium , calcium and zinc) get mixed into the yoghurt as well. I can’t describe how wonderful that tasted!

So here is my daily routine:

Nowadays I naturally wake up at 5:45, grab my golden rods next to the bed (in case there is a confusion now, please read the previous blog. They are not what you think!) and feel the flow in my body for the 21-minute session while I visualize the heart opening and pouring love into the tumor, acknowledging it and allowing it to reduce if it is ready to and has given me all the learning experiences I have needed from this.

Next I run to the beach for my morning swim in Balmoral, all while meditating/praying and loving every minute of it. I have come to the conclusion that I have one job: to be at the highest frequency I can be at this time. Only then will I attract all the right choices. A beautiful friend called me today and said that I just need to tune in and I’ll know what I need to do. She is right, and I added, that first I’ll have to tune up, which for me means slow my busy mind down, get away from any device and screen and fill my whole being with light and love.

Meeting friends at the beach and having a chai at the Boathouse has become another great tradition, followed by another steep uphill walk.

The healthy breakfast is made at home and the day was followed with ‘study of alternative ways’…and many many phone calls. The harmonizing and healing session did me the world of good and as I had very little appetite, I only have a home made kale-paste for lunch and a salad with garlic and red cabbage for dinner. I don’t know if it’s the cancer or the good food. I am not very hungry.

One week since the Cancer Diagnosis

IMG_8547 IMG_8546 IMG_8544

Picture 1: Good advice

Picture 2: Hope and other lovely goodies people bring with love

Picture 3: You’ll never guess! It’s a golden Swiss Power Tube

Monday, 19 October 2015

Life is just getting better every day. On Friday last week I bought the Golden Power Tube, which I use on a daily basis to change the molecular information of the cancer cells into a healthy pattern, eliminate toxins and parasites and helping the process of alkalizing the body. Believe me, as rude as these golden tubes look, they are magical.

Will keep you posted on that topic.

What else has changed since:

I hit the Organic Market in Frenches Forest on Sunday and stocked up on all the foods I am allowed to eat: kale, red cabbage, beets, salads, some root vegetables, mushrooms and my favorite: organic blueberries.

Recommendations are coming in on a daily basis:

  • 3 weeks of Grape fasting (details will follow when I get around to buy the organic grapes of all colors which ought to be eaten during week one, just to be supplemented with other fruits on week 2 and a Raw Food Diet in week 3.)
  • Bi-carb Soda in the morning
  • Listening to a Sound Therapy
  • www.outsmartyourcancer.com or for non-hodgkin lymphoma: http://outsmartyourcancer.com/cancer-success-stories/letter-from-83-year-old-woman-with-lymphoma/
  • www.cancertutor.com
  • Detoxification in Stages:
  • 1. Detox of the Colon (coffee enemas…now that’s a new way to have the coffee I am not allowed to drink any more!);
  • 2. Detox of the Kidneys and the Urinary Tract;
  • 3. Liver-cleansing (that is still ahead of me, although my new diet is already reflecting this)
  • 4. Detox of the Lymph nodes
  • 5. Emotional Detox (I think my husband received a healthy dose of that today. I think the poor darling is either wondering where the nice old ‘Putz’ (his term of endearment for me) went or looking for a new one.
  • 6. Spiritual Detox (Now here I am not sure what they mean…)

Day 4 of my Search for Alternative Cancer Treatment

IMG_8537 IMG_8539 IMG_8538

Pictures Above:

  1. One arm was offered for a blood test to a female nurse, the other to a male doctor. Guess which one?
  2. Organic Apple Cider Vinegar – one of my new additions to my daily diet
  3. Alkalife, Alkaline Water all the way from the World Heritage Listed Blue Mountains Cavern, sourced in Belmont Road, Randwick, Sydney

Day 4, October 15, 2015

The days since my diagnosis surprised me immensely. I can’t remember when I have last laughed so much, been hugged so much and had more wonderful surprises, visits and outpourings of love and prayer. I have been harmonized twice by my lovely angels and offered many treatments and advice. I can honestly attest that I have not had one negative thought or feeling and sleep like a baby. There is no pain, just the itchiness around my ankles (which has been there for about a year). The protruding belly just feels like I am 4 – 5 months pregnant, sometimes it even feels like there is a baby kicking in there.

I can laugh about everything now, even when lovely husband Josef told our friends last night, “Barbara is going to have an autopsy tomorrow”, until he remembered that he was going to announce my biopsy.

A friend of mine had cautioned me to do the biopsy, as she had heard that it might possibly spread the cancer. I thought that I would email Dr. Rodrigo Rodrigues at the clinic in Mexico (dr.rodriguez@biocarehospital.com), where I am still considering to go to after all the testing is done and find out. It was my first contact with them and it came as a surprise when 30 minutes after my email, a doctor from that clinic called me and said, ‘Yes, you have to do the biopsy. It’s the only way you’ll know for sure what type of lymphoma you have – and we need that information to give you our recommendation.’ When I asked about the possible spreading, she said, ‘Well, when it’s in your lymph glands, it cannot spread any further. It’s already there.’ How reassuring – I had to laugh again.

Meeting with my Haematologist

Haematology: the branch of medical science concerned with diseases of the blood and blood-forming tissues

Today, at the POW (Prince of Wales Hospital, NOT Prisoner of War) in Randwick, I met Dr Edelherz (changed his name for obvious reasons), thinking that he’ll be initiating the remaining tests required to get a clear diagnosis. Yet, he only did a local examination, concluded that in his expert opinion it was a follicular non-hodgkin lymphoma, possibly Stage 3 (‘but don’t quote me’), yet only the biopsy will tell for sure. No, of course the biopsy couldn’t be done that day, he’d have to call a surgeon to book me in and he’d only look at me and find an easy lymph node to extract and then give me another date for the surgery. ‘In any case’, I was told ‘you are lucky that this is treatable with chemo’. He made it sound like he’d be giving me a bag of lollies and the cancer will disappear; ‘of course it can come back, possibly after five years and then we just hit it again with more chemotherapy.’ Josef, who came it at that time, dared to question if there was an alternative to chemotherapy, at which he received this look of utter disbelief at his ignorance and patronizingly slowly he asked, ‘and what alternative did you have in mind?’ I wouldn’t give him any clue and he said that there was NOTHING out there, that was proven to do the job. ..Oh, and another ‘good’ thing: According to this blood specialist, there is no need to change anything in ones life, not the diet or stress or emotional or work.

I found the whole experience rather amusing and there to confirm that I will find my own way.

After leaving enough blood samples to satisfy my little ‘Vampire doctor’, we went to buy the alkaline water and drove home.