Are you so good they can’t ignore you?

Steve MartinSteve Martin: “Born Standing Up”

I decided to post something that inspires me – and today it was Steven Martin, whose book is very insightful, not just on how to become a successful comedian, but how to be successful at anything you do. His advise may sound disappointing at first view, but then again quite inspiring too:

“Be so good they can’t ignore you.”

There are no tricks and games, but advice on how to be focused on one thing – the one you really enjoy doing and doing and doing – until you become the best – or at least until you stand out from the crowd of others who do the same.

How often did I change my ideas, my job, my approach – but at least I have now found what I am good at and what I really enjoy. Now I know I can drive this deeper and have fun working more at it. My idea of work has always included helping people to fulfil their own true potential. The problem was, that I tried to do that in every area of their lives – and of course you cannot help everyone at everything. My focus now is on all the visual learners, on dyslexia.

Where is yours?


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