Advice from a 105-year old!

Ceramic artist Beatrice Wood worked on a potter’s wheel every day until she was 103. Wood said “My life is full of mistakes. They’re like pebbles that make a good road.”

Beatrice Wood, 105

I like her idea of seeing mistakes as positive and necessary to create the sound foundation – our road of life.


Exciting scientific research on Homeopathy

If you are one of the sceptics of Homoeopathy or just wanting prove of things that don’t make sense from a rational, Newtonian view-point, this might just help you to understand – or at least open your mind:

Homeopathy explained by Nobel Price Winner Luc Montagnier

Although homeopathy has persisted for 200+ years throughout the world and has been the leading alternative treatment method used by physicians in Europe, most conventional physicians and scientists have expressed scepticism about its efficacy due to the extremely small doses of medicines used.

I believe we live at a time, when we need to embrace the energetic paradigm of matter and open our minds to a bigger picture – it is time to live big.

Home, great aerial shots of Earth

I know you most probably have seen this before, but you just may enjoy beautiful aerial shots of HOME, our beautiful Mother Earth, a 2009 documentary by Yann Arthus-Bertrand.

Not everyone will agree with the dire picture of our future – but it’s good to see and hear different view points, don’t you agree?

90 Days to the end of 2014

October 2, 2014  to December 31, 2014 (90 days)

What a good day to start your Gratitude Journal and even if you don’t have the book: ’90 Shades of Gratitude’, you can start your own. Just add 10 things you are grateful for, ten things that already are in your life and others that you’d like to have in your life. Being grateful for future things or people – as if they were a part of your experience already – has a magnetic power to attract them, especially if the gratitude is felt and the result already seen, heard, smelled.

It has to be such a wonderful experience before the event, that there isn’t even an attachment to getting what you want.

I am blessed and grateful to having all of you on this blog. Thank you!