Great weekend at Hoi by the sea

photo-4112 amazing individuals having an experience of Mindfulness and deeper connection with themselves and each other. We enjoyed laughter, insights, fun, dress-ups, good food and wonderful new friendships. Thank you everybody for participating.

To Remind us how to Live with Increasing Awareness:

* Become the Witness (not to enter into every drama that is around us)

* Come to your Senses (getting out of the mind and into the body and present moment)

* Inhabit your Body (feeling ourselves IN the body helps getting us out of  thinking and judging)

* Create a Gap of No Mind (Increase the gap between the thoughts to add more silence and awareness)

* Listen is an Act of Love (True listening with our full attention in silence without giving advice etc)

* Go with the Flow (here we decided that all Irish people fall into that category – thank, Susan)

* Go Slow (Take time to stop, slow down to become aware of the movements and sensations even when peeling potatoes)

* The Gift of Negativity (Become curious rather than judging negative thoughts. See them as opportunities or a wake-up call


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