Why Mammography screening is abolished in Switzerland

Always knew that Switzerland is not only the home of big pharma industry, but also a critical thinking nation.

Read by clicking below:

Mammography Abolished in Switzerland

According to this article, mammography saves one in 10,000 women, while at the same time 22 % of screen-detected invasive breast cancers were wrongly diagnosed, leading to chemotherapy, surgury and other unnecessary treatments. That means that 106 of the 44,925 healthy women in a screening group were diagnosed with and treated for breast cancer they never had.

Interestingly, most women have a highly overrated view of mammography, believing that mammography prevents or reduces the risk of contracting breast cancer by 68 % – no wonder the industry is able to force us into feeling guilty if we skip our annual mammogram appointment. Not me personally, of course – have never seen the point of them.



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