Nutella – yummy, healthy and home-made

photo (24)

The idea comes from a Thermamix recipe – one of many – but I have decided to make it yet a bit healthier (and there is still room for you to improve on it further, e.g. replace the white chocolate)

120 g toasted peeled hazelnuts
30 g dark Agave Syrup (or other natural sugar substitutes, like Styvia)
100 g dark 70 % Lindt Chocolate
100 g white Lindt Chocolate
100 g full-cream milk
60 g organic coconut oil
1 tbsp Brandy (well, I used the Austrian ‘Stroh’-Rum, but that’s a luxury item here)
2 tbsp raw cacao

Blended it until I had the smooth shiny appearance on the photo.
Pour into a jar and keep refrigerated.

I usually don’t eat Nutella, but love this one.


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