Structure and Passion

We all have the same amount of hours in a day, trying to navigate through our essential tasks (those that we imagine will keep us alive – food intake, work, sleep and other basic survival activities) and then aiming at prioritizing between a competing force of distractions, social interactions, relaxation, expectations, upkeep of ourselves and our possessions – and on top of it dealing with unexpected dramas. Where and when do you find time for your “passion projects”?

I have to deal wish the same amount of daily choices as you do and people often ask me how I have time for everything I do – and for passion projects, such as:
– writing books
– painting
– blogging
– travelling to overseas workshops…

while working with more clients than ever before and dealing with my husband’s work challenges and the different needs of our four children.

The answer sounds simple…structure.

However, as much as structure sounds like a rigid regiment of self-imposed discipline, for me it is a matter of deciding on a sequence of priorities, a project I am very passionate about and of nurturing myself first . Only if I have filled my own tank, have energized my entire being – body, mind and spirit – before anything or anyone else, then everything else falls into place easily.

The grounding aspect of ‘structure’ or ‘order’ is often amiss from spiritually minded people who love to play in the field of all possibilities, missing the field that is right where they are.


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