Special Weekend – September 12 – 14, 2014

Personal Power Through Awareness

Spend two days in luxury with warm, friendly people, delicious food and a beautiful, playful, supportive environment where you can
· Increase your energy and awareness

· Tap into your authentic power

· Express the Power of You!

Your journey begins by exploring, experimenting and expressing these three areas:

Power vs. Force (Friday evening)
· Are you living life in power or force?

· What is energy and can you monitor its effect on your mind & body?

· What are the strong attractors that establish your power?

Mindful Awareness (Saturday morning)
· Sensual and fun exploration of awareness

· Mindlessness vs. mindfulness

· Achieving present moment awareness for clarity, relief and richness in life

· Using powerful attractors to create your authentic life – The Power of You

The Power of You (Saturday evening)
· Express your authentic, powerful Self with fun, like-minded souls

· $ 400 per room (for a couple)

· $ 300 per room (single person wanting their own room)

· $ 200 single mattress upstairs.

· Delicious Dinner – Friday and Saturday

· Scrumptious Breakfast – Saturday and Sunday

· Divine bed linen and towel

· Personal Power Through Awareness Experience

What to bring:
· Lunch supplies for both days. Or you can visit the local cafes

· Dress-up clothing and articles that express the you you’d really love to be

· Swimmers, beach towel and hat



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