Why Work doesn’t Work



Jason Fried has a good way to describe why our offices are the last place people go to if they want to get productive, uninterrupted work done. He reckons the involuntary distractions, which he sums up as the M&Ms (Managers and Meetings) are mainly to blame for the lack of productivity while we work, or ought to work.

When he asked people where they go for longer stretches of problem solving work, they give him three answers:

Locations (the patio, a shed, the attic…)

Moving Objects (trains, planes…)

Certain Times (before everyone is up, after everyone has left the office…)



Author: Barbara Hoi

I have worked for 14 years with Dyslexic and Asperger geniuses one-on-one, founded Sydney Dyslexia and Autism Sydney, worked in Mosman and at a beach retreat at the Entrance and wrote three books on Dyslexia ('the Right Brain for the Right Time', 'Nurturing the Secret Garden' and 'Learning your Times Tables in Three Bold Steps'). I believe these children and adults have a great gift and the ability to become leaders in their field. But I have also found that a proper diet as well as educating and working together with parents, friends and teachers matters even more. I am now working with small groups at the Entrance Beach Retreat, helping dyslexic adults fulfill their professional dreams and parents to help develop and nurture their child's potential.

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