Raw Vegan Chocolate Mousse

Thank you to a very quirky and healthy website: quirkycooking.com, this turned out to be a fantastic find, loved by the kids and adults alike:

Raw Vegan Chocolate Mousse

{Serves 6}

1. Grind up the raw cashews in the Thermomix on speed 9 for 10 seconds:
– 150g raw cashews

2. Add ice and grind on speed 9 for 20 seconds:
– 350g ice cubes

3. Scrape down bowl with spatula; add vanilla, cacao and dates, and grind on speed 9 for 30 seconds:
– 1 tsp vanilla bean paste (or vanilla extract)
– 30g raw cacao powder (I used Loving Earth cacao powder & it’s very strong – if not using Loving Earth brand, you may need 35g)
– 100g dates (or to taste)

(I used regular dates which were semi-frozen, and I think the texture of these contributed to the thickness of the mousse. If you use fresh dates, it may turn out a bit softer, but you can add more ice to thicken it if you need to.)

4. The mixture will be a bit lumpy at this stage, especially if you are using dried dates instead of fresh dates. Scrape down the bowl and lid with the spatula, and keep blending on speed 9 until you get a smooth, creamy mixture. It will take at least another minute.


Chocolate mixture after blending, and before adding the avocado

5. Scrape down bowl again, and add avocado. This is actually optional – without the avocado, you’ll still have a lovely, thick, chocolate cashew cream as in the photo above. The avocado does make it thicker and creamier though, so don’t be afraid to try it!
– flesh of 1 ripe avocado (make sure the avocado is a nice one – no bad spots, or it’ll have a slightly bitter taste)

Note: If you find your mousse is not thick enough (it won’t stay swirled up into a peak), add another handful of ice and reblend on speed 9 for 1 minute, until smooth.

6. Spoon into small dessert bowls and enjoy! You can freeze this for later – half frozen it tastes like the most divine soft serve ice-cream ever… If you freeze it until it’s solid, you’ll need to thaw it a bit before using again.



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