“Genius is the ability to receive from the Universe.”

“Genius is the ability to receive from the Universe.”


a quote from the I Ching

What does it mean to receive from the Universe? … receive what?

I love that quote. For me it summarises my believes; the belief that my main job is to sharpen that very ability.

It expands my thinking, yet leaves me humble in the knowing that it wasn’t my ego that created or attracted, but a conscious surrender to the higher wisdom. It is irrelevant if that higher wisdom is seen as the Universe, or the Higher Self or the Creator – these are just labels for something that cannot be put in words.

For me a genius is not a person with a high IQ or somebody who is filled with knowledge or has accumulated many degrees. I’d feel like a genius when the perfect idea, situation, circumstance, person or opportunity arrives, seemingly out of no-where, and I am present enough to embrace it, filled with gratitude and the ability to act on it without fear.

I have written the gratitude journal ’90 Shades of Gratitude’ (which has finally arrived as a physical book today) with that thought in mind – to help myself and hopefully someone else too, to sharpen that ability to envision and receive that vision.


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