Flathead Carpaccio


Flathead Carpaccio 

is one of my favourite recipes from Pete’s cookbook (Fish) and I have slightly altered it. Thanks Pete!

200 g flathead fillet (boneless and skinless)….    slice very thinly (on an angle) and lay it out on a platter. Season with

ground white pepper and

4 tablespoons finely sliced fresh ginger….         Then drizzle with

4 tablespoons of grape seed oil                         to coat the fish lightly. Put the platter in the oven (150 degree C, preheated), but

                                                                           only for 2-3 min (fish still rare). In the meantime prepare the coriander:

1 bunch of coriander, leaves, stalks and roots: Finely chop the roots (1 tsp) and the stalks (1 tsp). Keep leaves whole for after.

                                                                           Prepare the dressing: Heat

2 1/2 tablespoons soy sauce

3 tablespoons mirin

100 ml chicken stock                                          until simmering, then add:

1/2 garlic clove minced

1 tsp chopped chilli and the coriander roots.     Cut 

1 rasher of bacon into very thin strips and add together with coriander stalks.

                                                                           Drizzle this warm dressing over the fish and finally top with

2 spring onions, finely sliced

grated orange zest of 1 orange

2 tablespoons chives (snipped) 

and seaweed strips (if you like)

  – Great starter for 4 –





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