Lemon Chicken Curry – my children’s favorite

ImageLemon Chicken Curry

500 g organic chicken tenderloin or chicken breast

soy sauce

1 organic lemon (not sprayed)

2 red onions

1 packet  Curry powder

1/4 l White wine

1/4 l Chicken stock

2 cups Crème fraiche

Salt, Pepper

Coriander on top (or sesame seeds)


Cut onion in cubes and fry in oil (coconut oil), add packet of curry powder,

Extinguish with white wine and soup stock

Add Crème Fraiche (if not available, substitute with half cream/half sour cream)

Add Salt and Pepper

Mix all together with hand mixer or food processor.

Cut chicken into cubes of about 3 cm, mix in bowl with soy sauce, the juice and

the zest of one unsprayed lemon. Marinate no more than 5 min.

Fry in hot oil, without the juice – or spoon the juice out of pan (add it later to the sauce).

Add the blended cream-curry to the chicken when browned.

Serve with toasted sesame seeds or coriander, finely cut.

Enjoy with rice or quinoa or cous-cous


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