Hello from Hoi by the Sea

Image“Spring on the Beach”

This first morning after electing a new prime minister, the weather was subdued, but the colours quite exquisite.

It was wonderful to have 7 people join me for a weekend of good food, dance, fun, games and no TV . The news of our election results passed us by and we are no worse of for it. 

Feeling peace, joy and gratitude for the abundance of nature, this place and the friendship we share. Sometimes it’s just great to sign out of the everyday life, sign out of technology and simply be. I highly recommend it. 

In order to change anything in my life I needed to stop being a match for pain, lack and worry. They vibrate on one level of consciousness. I had to start living from another. Living with intent and purpose, instead of auto-pilot, is easy to do, but harder to maintain on a daily basis. 

The Entrance has given me the space to change and rewire the brain. It’s worth finding your own ‘Entrance’ to a reality of your own choosing – to create and live, instead of being lived.



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