Home-made Healthy Falafel with Tahini dressing and Carrot Salad

ImageYummy Falafel dish

1. Falafels:

In a Thermamix or food processor blend:

1 tin of organic chickpeas

1 onion

1 tsp ground cumin

1/2 bunch coriander leaves and stems

1/2 bunch mint

1 garlic clove

1/2 red chilli (opt.)

1 tsp salt (Himalayan or sea salt)

Mince to a thick paste, not too fine, though and let it set in the fridge while preparing the dressing and carrot salad.

To cook it later, make small balls of 1 tablespoon each and put into hot oil ( about 3 tbsp. rice bran oil or coconut oil) until golden brown on all sides (mine were a bit on the dark side, as you can tell). Drain onto paper towel.

2. Carrot Salad:

4 large carrots

1/4 cup cranberries or similar

juice of one orange and 1/2 lemon

salt and pepper

3. Tahini Dressing

1/3 cup hulled tahini

1/2 bunch of coriander leaves

pinch of salt, cayenne pepper and cumin

juice of 2 organic lemons (and zest of one)

1 crushed garlic clove







Wellington and its locals

ImageWellington welcomes us: Ogres and…ImageWearable Art?

What an interesting and inspiring place and five days in Wellington – Dyslexia Symposium to find out the Latest News from the World of Dyslexia and Autism, lots of art, culture and fun.

Ready to apply the new knowledge.


Lemon Chicken Curry – my children’s favorite

ImageLemon Chicken Curry

500 g organic chicken tenderloin or chicken breast

soy sauce

1 organic lemon (not sprayed)

2 red onions

1 packet  Curry powder

1/4 l White wine

1/4 l Chicken stock

2 cups Crème fraiche

Salt, Pepper

Coriander on top (or sesame seeds)


Cut onion in cubes and fry in oil (coconut oil), add packet of curry powder,

Extinguish with white wine and soup stock

Add Crème Fraiche (if not available, substitute with half cream/half sour cream)

Add Salt and Pepper

Mix all together with hand mixer or food processor.

Cut chicken into cubes of about 3 cm, mix in bowl with soy sauce, the juice and

the zest of one unsprayed lemon. Marinate no more than 5 min.

Fry in hot oil, without the juice – or spoon the juice out of pan (add it later to the sauce).

Add the blended cream-curry to the chicken when browned.

Serve with toasted sesame seeds or coriander, finely cut.

Enjoy with rice or quinoa or cous-cous

Yummy ‘almost healthy’ Pork Belly

ImageBest Pork belly

Well, the best Pork Belly recipe I have ever tried:

2 kg bone-less good quality pork belly (ask butcher for small square cuts on the skin)

Rub Himalayan salt onto the skin part, into the cuts

Place into hot oven (220 degrees), onto a wire rack, skin facing up, with a tray with plenty of water underneath to stop the meat from drying out. It will crackle the top, keeping the meat moist. After 30 min, reduce temperature to 100 degrees and cook for another hour. If not enough crackle on top, put under top grill for a couple of minutes.

         In the meantime, place:

– 1 cup brown sugar

– 3/4 cup red wine vinegar

– 4 star anise 

         into a saucepan and cook for 5 min to dissolve the sugar, then add

1 1/2 cups of chicken stock 

         and reduce until syrupy (can take 30 – 50 min).

Squeeze the juice of 2 limes into the syrup.

Take the pork belly out of the oven, cut into squares (bite-sized or bigger), 

place onto a platter

top with syrupy vinegar-sugar sauce (less the aniseed) and

with 1/2 bunch of coriander, 1/2 bunch mint, 1/2 bunch basil (all finely cut),

shallots or spring onions, long red chilli.

Serving options:

with CousCous, Quinoa or Rice



Hello from Hoi by the Sea

Image“Spring on the Beach”

This first morning after electing a new prime minister, the weather was subdued, but the colours quite exquisite.

It was wonderful to have 7 people join me for a weekend of good food, dance, fun, games and no TV . The news of our election results passed us by and we are no worse of for it. 

Feeling peace, joy and gratitude for the abundance of nature, this place and the friendship we share. Sometimes it’s just great to sign out of the everyday life, sign out of technology and simply be. I highly recommend it. 

In order to change anything in my life I needed to stop being a match for pain, lack and worry. They vibrate on one level of consciousness. I had to start living from another. Living with intent and purpose, instead of auto-pilot, is easy to do, but harder to maintain on a daily basis. 

The Entrance has given me the space to change and rewire the brain. It’s worth finding your own ‘Entrance’ to a reality of your own choosing – to create and live, instead of being lived.


George Washington and Dyslexia

ImageJournal entry

When George Washington was 16 years old and working as a rural land surveyor, he kept a journal. This is taken from his journal – do you think he could have been Dyslexic?

“It clearning about one o’Clock & our time being too Precious to Loose we a second time ventured out & Worked hard till Night & then returned to pEnningtons we got our Suppoers & was Lighted in to a Room & I not being so good a Woodsman as the rest of my Company striped my slef very orderly & went in to the Bed as they call’d it when to my Surprize I found it to be northing but a Little Straw-matted together without Sheets or any thing else but only on Thread Bear blanket with double its Weight of Vermin such as Lice Feas & c. Had we not have been very Tired, la, sure we should not have slep’d much that night. I made a Promise not to Sleep so from that time forward chusing rather to sleep in the open Air before a fire as will Appear hereafter.”

Clearly, the talents of a wonderful statesman aren’t relying on his spelling.