Spring Party – just for fun

ImageSpring Party – think ‘OP SHOP’

Saturday, September 7, 2013 has become a SPRING PARTY, instead of a BOOK LAUNCH.

I have decided at 4 a.m. this morning to turn my book into two books, so basically I have two half-books at this stage and frantically trying to finish them before I leave to Austria end of October.

The Book Launch will still happen, but at a later stage. Watch the BLOGS!

However, nobody wants to miss out on fun and I have turned the party theme around:

SPRING – FUN COLORS – the craziest clothes you find in an op-shop/market or probably in my own wardrobe

When? 7 pm on  7-9-13

Where? 11/9-13 Hutton Road, The Entrance North

How much? Only $ 50 towards the party or $ 100 if you stay the night ($ 150 for 2 nights) per person.

What to wear? Funky Fancy Dress!

What to bring? A bottle of something and a sense of humour

RSVP by 2/9

Barbara 0402 686 327, or: hoi.barbara1@gmail.com


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