Best healthiest Birchermuesli EVER

ImageBest Birchermuesli

I have tried many versions of this, before I came up with this very fast, healthy alternative to an old Swiss classic. Luckily, I am Austrian and not Swiss, otherwise I’d have to roll up my red flag with the big white cross, as this is not even close to their version of it.

Into a strong blender (I use my Therma-mix or rather a copy of it) I throw:

2 Organic red apples, only stem removed (cut in half)

1 Orange (peeled and whole)

1/2 cup Cashew nuts (or M academia nuts or Almonds)

1/2 cup organic Puffed Millet (great healthy alternative to oats))

1/4 cup Cranberries or pitted dates (probably less even)

1/2 cup of plain Greek Yoghurt (or organic yoghurt of any kind)

…or create your own version.

Pulse in blender for a few seconds or until you like the texture.

Serve with any berries you like, or top with passion fruit, almond splinters or

a raspberry coulis as in the picture. 

I have yet to meet somebody who doesn’t like this healthy breakfast dish!

Eat mindfully and you will get even more joy out of it.



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