Spring Party – just for fun

ImageSpring Party – think ‘OP SHOP’

Saturday, September 7, 2013 has become a SPRING PARTY, instead of a BOOK LAUNCH.

I have decided at 4 a.m. this morning to turn my book into two books, so basically I have two half-books at this stage and frantically trying to finish them before I leave to Austria end of October.

The Book Launch will still happen, but at a later stage. Watch the BLOGS!

However, nobody wants to miss out on fun and I have turned the party theme around:

SPRING – FUN COLORS – the craziest clothes you find in an op-shop/market or probably in my own wardrobe

When? 7 pm on  7-9-13

Where? 11/9-13 Hutton Road, The Entrance North

How much? Only $ 50 towards the party or $ 100 if you stay the night ($ 150 for 2 nights) per person.

What to wear? Funky Fancy Dress!

What to bring? A bottle of something and a sense of humour

RSVP by 2/9

Barbara 0402 686 327, or: hoi.barbara1@gmail.com


Spring Detox Juice

ImageSpring Detox

Spring into action with this skin- and liver-loving juice to kick-start your day:

1/2 bunch of coriander

1 cucumber

2 cm of ginger

1 small beetroot

2 stalks celery

2 limes, or 1 small lemon, peeled

1 orange, peeled

2 green apples

handful of baby spinach leaves

Blend and enjoy the energy you get!


Book Launch Party

ImageAre you coming?

I had some enquiries of people wanting to come to the party, but not for the entire weekend. Yes, that is a good idea too, but please let me know. There will be a small contribution towards the food and BYO drinks. Will be fun!

Call me, text me or email me: 0402 686 327 or hoi.barbara1@gmail.com

I look forward,


P.S. I am not sure if the book is back from the States by then, but we celebrate anyway.


Weekends at Hoi by the Sea


I need your ideas, please…  What do YOU consider a COOL weekend with a Difference?

We have a party coming up Sep 7 weekend – can’t believe Rudd decided to copy my date!

A French Immersion weekend for the Sep 21 weekend.

A Maths weekend for the Oct 5 weekend.

Maybe a Themed-Dress-up-Dinner Extravaganza?


By the way, my book is finished and going through the editing process. So it might be ready for launching on Sep 7, as planned, it may not…however, the party is on anyway.

I am sure the Entrance has some amazing voting outlets for those lucky enough to be voting (unfortunately I am not)


Best healthiest Birchermuesli EVER

ImageBest Birchermuesli

I have tried many versions of this, before I came up with this very fast, healthy alternative to an old Swiss classic. Luckily, I am Austrian and not Swiss, otherwise I’d have to roll up my red flag with the big white cross, as this is not even close to their version of it.

Into a strong blender (I use my Therma-mix or rather a copy of it) I throw:

2 Organic red apples, only stem removed (cut in half)

1 Orange (peeled and whole)

1/2 cup Cashew nuts (or M academia nuts or Almonds)

1/2 cup organic Puffed Millet (great healthy alternative to oats))

1/4 cup Cranberries or pitted dates (probably less even)

1/2 cup of plain Greek Yoghurt (or organic yoghurt of any kind)

…or create your own version.

Pulse in blender for a few seconds or until you like the texture.

Serve with any berries you like, or top with passion fruit, almond splinters or

a raspberry coulis as in the picture. 

I have yet to meet somebody who doesn’t like this healthy breakfast dish!

Eat mindfully and you will get even more joy out of it.


Party @ Hoi by the Sea

Image Spring Party

Saturday, September 7… Spring Party

As you can tell, the Book Launch date has been re-named a Spring Party, just in case, I don’t get there and we can still celebrate the approach of the warmer season. What better place for it than by the Sea.

Join me for the special weekend, which I want to make one for friends: and that includes YOU! So the party, food and two nights accommodation – at a very low and special price:

Friday 6/9, after 5 pm – Sunday 8/9, till 4 pm:

will only be $ 200 per person (based on twin share), $ 250 for singles with own room

Be quick to book in – I can only fit 12 people.

It will be an experience!