new book cover “The Right Brain for the Right Time”

Imagewhat do you think?

Now I’m not so sure any more, if I don’t prefer the head of Keanu on it. 

Anyway, I should focus on writing the book now. This is DAY 1 of writing or dictating it. Most of the writers in our group ‘How to write a book in 40 hours’ are dictating it, as it enables the ‘brain dump’ without my tendency to over-edit.  I am at ‘Hoi by the Sea’, at the Entrance, the weather is glorious and I got up last night to write the synopsis of the book. Will post it later today. Even sleep-deprived as I am, I bathe in the adventure of diving into the unknown, surprising myself at every turn. You should try it! It makes you feel so alive.


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