French Immersion Weekend







I am happy to propose this week-end for those who have always wanted to learn French and are complete beginners.


Between Friday 20th September evening and Sunday 23rd September afternoon, you will get the equivalent of 10 hours of formal tuition in a small group, interspersed with games, activities and even a touch of healthy French cooking!


By the end of the week-end, you will know how to:


Introduce yourself and others

Speak about yourself (where you live, what you do, your family, your interests)

Count to a hundred! (exchange phone numbers, buy an item)

Recognise times of the day, meals, tell the time, the season, ask directions.

Speak about the environment you are in (The sea, the venue, the market)

Describe what you are doing when you are cooking an item.

French words for food appreciation during meal times

Read a simple child story, play games in French, sing a song!

Use basic vocabulary, verbs and adjectives and prepositions, at beginners level.


Here are my chosen French Keywords for the week-end:


Français: From Friday evening to Sunday, we will endeavour to use as much French as possible with explanations in English, so don’t be nervous. However the more you hear it the more you will remember it.


Beauté: You will be hosted in the luxury apartments at Hoi by the Sea, at the Entrance north,  surrounded by the beauty of the sand and sea.


Convivialité: This is a relaxing way of learning, playing and sharing, in a friendly and non judgemental environment.


Créativité: With food, voice, new ideas, fun and games.


Santé: Although the food will have French names, attention will be given to dietary requirements, i.e. vegetarian, gluten-free, and all healthy for your mind and body, guaranteed!


Cost of the week-end: $600 person, $1,000 per couple.


This will include: Accommodation for 2 nights 

                              2 breakfasts, 2 dinners

                              All tuition, games, handouts.

For lunches we will walk to the local organic market and each participant will buy some ingredients to prepare the meals.




Games will include, pétanque (weather permitting), board/card and classroom games in french. 


Looking forward to sharing this special week-end with you,


Rosemary Blundo

I am a native speaker of French and have been teaching French at primary and high-school levels for over 20 years.



from our family constellation:

Hi Barbara,
I just read the summary from our family constellation workshop and I got a tingly feeling all over my body once again.  Vow what an amazing experience and indeed a privilege to be connected with this group.  Thank you for your hospitality and for making your beautiful home the perfect space for us all to begin the journey to healing in all our relationships.  The divine in each of us naturally longs to connect with the divine in each other and the world and this is indeed how we are all ONE.  Thank you 🙂  Vida

Upcoming events for Hoi by the Sea


Saturday, 07.09. – Book Launch – “The Right Brain for the Right Time”Friday, 20.09 – Sunday, 22.09.13 – French Immersion weekend for beginners – ‘Hoi-sur-Mer’

   Friday 5 pm to Sunday 4 pm. With French teacher Rosemary Blundo

Friday, 04.10. – Sunday, 06.10.13 – Maths Immersion Weekend

   Friday 5 pm to Sunday 4 pm. Program to follow for all events

Family Constellation: Please advice if you prefer weekend in October or a Wednesday/Thursday mid-week constellation. There is a big demand for these 2 days. Maybe we can do both.



Family Constellations Workshop


Last Wednesday and Thursday (July 10 and 11) an amazing group of 11 people assembled under the guidance of two amazing facilitators, Helen Bothma and her lovely sister Jean from South Africa, to make peace with our past and move forward in our different relationships with ourselves, our families, friends and clans. It was mind-blowing!

The motto of the 2 days, inspired by Hausner, (a German constellation therapist) was:

The PAST wants to be integrated into the PRESENT, so that we need not repeat it in the FUTURE. THE PAST WILL BE REPEATED UNTIL IT IS AT PEACE.

We have cried, laughed, felt each others pain in the field where everything is revealed – and where we all share the same stories. By being “Reps” (representatives of other people’s family constellations) we were not playing a role,  we were actually tuning into an energy field of a particular constellation, picking up information from that field. Using our intuitive consciousness and perceptions in our bodies, we tapped into a collective unconscious –  in the present moment. Our bodies, emotions and feelings told us, what works and what doesn’t. There was no room for the ego in the field – and no personal agenda. The reps became the voices, the energetic blueprint of the people that they represented for the brave person, who ‘placed’ her family members or a situation into the field. 

As we worked, the energy and the fields started to shift and were not just unfolding for everyone to see in the present moment, but will be shifting stuck family patterns for some time to come, in people’s lives that were neither present nor aware of the work done.

There was always an intention placed before every constellation, an ideal outcome, that will benefit everyone concerned, but not too broad. 

For me, it was not only a privilege to help others by becoming a rep, but it also helped me  to shift my own ‘stuff’. It helped me to tune deeper into myself, uncover things that I had not even been consciously aware of and found that this process had a healing effect on my own life. 

It becomes the responsibility and privilege of every person to lift the world  in some measure above its present level of consciousness. – Joel Goldsmith

Recipe of the Month


Healthy Breakfast Muffins:

(gluten free, great for the kid’s lunchboxes)


80 g Buckwheat

50 g Brown Rice

70 g Millet

20 g chickpeas

20 g Tapioca Starch

150 g maple syrup

3 tsp baking powder

2 tsp cinnamon

lg pinch of sea salt

 2 lg carrots (roughly cut)

50 g sultanas

1 handful sunflower seeds

1 handful peppita seeds

2 apples – quartered

1/2 zucchini, roughly cut

3 free ranged organic eggs

40 g coconut oil

40 g macadamia oil

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

Method: Add grains and tapioca starch to Thermamix or other strong mixer, mill for 1 min on speed 9. Set aside.

Place carrots, apples & zucchini in TM and grate 3 sec on speed 7-8.

Add remaining ingredients. Combine on interval setting for 20 – 30 sec.

Spoon mix into muffin trays and bake in a 180 degreeC oven for approx. 20 min.

Makes 18 muffins

Summary at the back cover of the book, ‘The Right Brain for the Right Time’

– You don’t have to be Dyslexic, but it helps –

The world is speeding up. Weeks are flying by, information flooding
us, technology submerging our lives – fast and increasingly visual.

Dyslexics are Picture Thinkers. They fit perfectly into this new world
of infinite possibility, intuitively aware of their potential.

This is an exciting time if you know how to participate as a conscious
creator and none are better equipped for it than those who are
currently struggling in our schools.

This insightful and practical book will bring relief and real answers
to help mothers to RELAX, and shift their focus to empower themselves
and naturally create a higher quality of conncetion in all
relationships. Consequently they will hold a safe space for their
children to thrive, rather than ‘fixing’ what is not broken in the
first place.

Reading this book will change the way you think about yourself, gently
guiding you into a life, filled with new possibilities. Your children
and partner will be far happier and successful as a result.