1. Family Constellation

Three days to ‘unravel’ YOUR family:

Family Constellation Workshop

Have you ever heard of the Magic of Family Constellations? 

or The Order of Love? No? 

Then you don’t know what you are missing. I am so excited to have 2 incredible Therapists coming to “Hoi by the Sea”, enriching our Week 2 of the JULY – Month-of-Transformation. 


Details of the 2 therapists are posted on my website,  Don’t forget to book your place now, so not to miss out:

When? Wednesday, July 10 to

Friday, July 12, 2013

Where? 10 / 9-13 Hutton Road, The Entrance North

Who should attend?…or should I say who should not attend: …Everybody who has a perfect family and therefore a life without any issues, problems or blocks.

How much?

Just for us, it will be a special price of $ 150 per day, incl. lunch and snack. All participants get to ‘place’ their family or business issue every day!

Accommodation as above: $ 100 pp/night, $ 150 pc/night

There are 3 options:

A: You stay for 3 nights and participate for 3 days, looking at aspects of your family, business, health issue every day with a group (in a safe, secure environment), incl. accommodation and all meals, snacks (except dinners) for the price of $ 750 (= $ 450 therapy, $ 300 accommodation etc)

B: You stay for 3 nights and participate for 1 day as an active participant, where your issue is solved (takes between 30 – 60 min for each participant), participate 2 more days for the benefit of others and as you know, they usually are exactly the same issues we are all having at the moment: for the price of $ 550 (=$ 250 therapy, $ 300 accommodation etc)

C: Only participate one day, no accommodation, only therapy: $ 150


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