Family Constellations – July 10, July 11 and July 12





Book Cover “The Right Brain for the Right Time”

ImageThomas Girbl

As you know, I am finally attempting to write that book, titled

“the Right Brain for the Right Time” – You don’t have to be Dyslexic, but it Helps

(or another version of a subtitle: Unlock the Dyslexic Potential and turn frustrated readers into inspiring leaders)…what’s better?

The cover that came back (an X-ray skull on green background) just didn’t do it for me, so I have asked some of my artist friends to send their art and input. I really love this one by my Austrian Artist friend Thomas Girbl…but not sure if it relates to the story.ImageStacey O’Neil

the second graphic version came from Wellington, NZ, my lovely artist friend Stacey sent it and I love it! Again, I think it won’t give the message I try to give – but what do you think?

ImageBrain Tree

This actually does give an interesting message, in relation to the story, with the tree and its branches symbolising the brain, growth, potential, and creativity in its shape. It comes from Google images and therefore lacks the personal touch, though.

After all that, I guess it’s time to actually start writing…Hoi by the Sea is the PERFECT place for it, I found. Total peace and serenity, unless you don’t like the sound of the ocean.

Souping it up


from Juicing to Souping:

Due to the cold, we have switched week one of The Month of Transformation (July) from juicing to souping. Making our own healthy stock, it’s just as beneficial to cleanse, de-tox and feel fantastic.

The body will shrink, the mind will clear and sharpen, every organ will breathe a sigh of relief. It will be the perfect pre-cursor to the Family Constellation work the week after, followed by Access Consciousness Healing. Check it out on

How to write a book in 40 hours

ImageGetrude Matshe and I

What an inspirational lady, born in Zimbabwe, out of Auckland/NZ, to help a group of us ‘hopeful authors’ to put our thoughts, ideas and creative inspirations into a book, helping us to write, create and market it within the next 3 months. So finally, the book in my head, will hopefully become a reality. Will keep you updated! Wish me good luck.

P.S. I will use my month of Transformation in July – at the Entrance – to write as much as I can. If anyone feels they need the inspiration of the sea, the tranquility of the environment there and my limited ability to help in the process, please let me know. You are most welcome!

Dyslexia @Hoi by the Sea


Picture Thinkers (Dyslexics)

As you may know, correcting Dyslexia while people are on holidays for a week, has been the starting point for Hoi by the Sea. Now this special place has grown to become a hub for healers, thinkers, artists, coaches and other changing agents.

For all my Dyslexic Clients, their parents, teachers or adults on the Right Side of the Brain:

I have started an additional blog, which you can find at:

I am posting the content mainly in short videos (YouTube clips) to address different aspects, answer questions about Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ADD, ADHD, Asperger, Autism… – add humor and lightness around the subject, as well as basic grammar lessons, especially from the point of view of Dyslexia.

Please subscribe to the blog, if you wish to receive these free weekly snippets.

Alternatively let me know your email address and I can subscribe you!

Prices: July Special


ImagePrices for July – Month of Transformation

Accommodation: $ 100 per day per person, $ 150 per couple (min 2 nights)

Accommodation and all Meals (mostly health food): $ 150 per person/day, $ 250 p/c

Treatments: One free Harmonisation

Weekend packages for Silence, Healing, Cooking as advertised on 

(range from $ 250 – $ 350 for a weekend, 2 nights)

Friday Make Overs: $ 150 only (condition: min 3 days prior to shift your physical, emotional, mental or family blocks…if there are any).

To book, please contact Barbara on 0402 686 327

or E: