Recipe of the Month – Sweethearts

Recipe of the Month – Sweet Hearts …yummy and healthy

 Posted by on May 28, 2013 at 8:35 AM Comments comments (0)

These are originally protein balls (size of a walnut) – which is really a better size shape to eat:

In your thermamix or any other strong blender, pulse the following ingredients to medium or fine (I prefer medium) texture:

70 g Organic Coconut Oil

20 g Shredded Coconut

50 g Macademia nuts

70 g Almonds (activated or raw)

2 tbsp. Protein Powder (good quality)

20 g Cranberries

4 pc Chrystalized ginger (or 1 cm healthy fresh) – optional

50 g Dates

70 g Cashew nuts

Make sure the texture is fine enough to easily roll into balls or hearts. I often push a rash almond into the middle of the ball to add a crunchy bit for great taste and surprise – like life itself. You can substitute nuts to your liking, leave one type of nut or the shredded coconut away if you don’t like it, experiment with different protein powders, change coconut oil for cocoa butter etc. BE creative! Have fun!

Tip: Some people like or need to take supplements, powders, liquids etc….I once added shell-flour (which I used to forget to ‘eat’) to the mixture, which didn’t affect the taste at all. I suggest, only to add taste-less supplements.


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